What I’m Working On…

Just a quick update on what I’m working on.

The fourth book of the Road Series, Road to Reason, was released just this week.   But fear not, you haven’t seen the end of those characters!! Nope, because in Road to Reality, you were briefly introduced to the Harper Brothers.  And in Road to Reason, you will learn more about them, especially since their baby sister, Kaitlin, is the heroine of that story.  The Harpers and the Mathews have a childhood connection, so all those characters you loved in the Road Series make appearances in the All Series.

There are three Harper brothers.  Alec and Phil are twins, and then Ben.  Kaitlin is the baby of the group, and all three brothers are very protective of their sister.  Especially Ben, the closest to her in age.

With that being said, the first book of the next series is Ben’s story.  All or Nothing.  Ex Navy SEAL Ben Harper has returned home after the death of his best friend during a mission.  He thinks he has everyone fooled on the turmoil and demons inside of him.  Everyone but Presley James.

Presley James is a nurse in the Pediatric unit at Albany Medical Center, where Ben is now the Director of Security.  She sees right through his smiles and good nature.  Not to mention how hot he is—the testosterone just rolls off, along with his confident swagger. But as much as she’s falling for him and wants to help him, she isn’t willing to let the skeletons out of her own closet.

You will have to wait and see how the two of them manage their way through.

The next book in the Series is All of Me, Phil Harper’s story.  I just completed that draft two weeks ago, but I’ll save a glimpse into that story for another post.

Then comes Alec Harper. I will be starting his book very soon, All the Way.

Stay tuned for updates!

2 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…

    • I had so much fun with Ben’s story. First because it continues on with some of the characters of the Road Series and second because Ben is my favorite hero to date!! I always feel that way when I’m writing a new book, there is something about Ben that tugs at me. I hope you feel the same way!


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