Natalie Ann is my pen name. Actually, it was my mother’s name. A wonderful woman who died way too soon at the age of 48, after a 16 year battle with cancer. And though she taught me many things in life, the one that stuck with me the most was––never give up!

After decades with my head in the clouds full dreams, characters, and scenarios, I decided to put pen to paper. Actually fingers to keyboard, but you get the idea. I was determined to not give up until the draft of my first book was complete. Imagine my surprise when I finished not only one draft, but two, then the third and so on…

And here I am, muddling my way through a website, when I much rather spend my time writing, and editing, writing again, and then editing some more. Oh and did I mention writing?

I’m sometimes witty, but mostly silly. I’m often brought to tears––from laughing so hard. I love happy ever after! Who doesn’t? Lets be honest, life is hard enough, I want to go to bed each night with a smile on my face.  And don’t worry, I didn’t forget about the romance. Exciting. Steamy. Romance.

I’ve been married to my high school sweetheart for…too many years to say. Don’t want to give my age away. We have one teenage son––speaking of head in the clouds. Along with my ‘boys’, I also live with a 9 year old Boxer named Indy in Upstate NY. You will meet her persona in the second book of the Road Series, Road to Redemption.

By day I’m a bean counter. By night I try––and mostly fail––to be superwoman. Wife, mother, maid, cook and sometimes dog walker.

So, if you like humor, romance, a bunch of steamy scenes, and happy ever after, then grab one of my books, dive in and go to bed with a smile on your face.

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