Deserve A Chance…Chapter 2

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Good Catch



“Hey, Mallory. How come you’re answering Nick’s phone?” Zach asked.

“He’s in the middle of painting right now. It’s Zach,” he heard Mallory’s voice whisper. “He says give him a few minutes to finish. Do you want him to call you back, Zach?”

“Nope, I can talk to my second favorite person while I wait.”

“Second, huh? When did I get upgraded? Last time I heard, Rene was your second favorite person. Or is it whoever you’re talking to at the moment that gets that title?” she teased.

He laughed at her. “You’re the wife of my best friend and Rene is his sister, so I guess you’re tied now.”

Nick was more than his best friend. He was the brother he’d never had growing up. Sure, he had a half-sister and half-brother, but they were more than fifteen years his junior and he’d only seen them a handful of times.

Hell, even his own mother was only sixteen years his senior, so she could be considered his sister if he really wanted to think about it. But he didn’t; he never did. The only parents he had in his eyes were his grandparents. They were the only ones worthy of the title of family to him.

“If that’s the best I can get…” she said.

“Oh, you love me, you know it.”

“Everyone loves you, Zach. We have no choice since you tell us it all the time.”

He snorted on the other end of the line. Only Nick was ever straightforward enough to say that to him, and he was glad Mallory felt comfortable enough voicing her thoughts honestly.

“What can I say? Some people just need reminding more than others.”

“Or you run out of things to say and that’s your go-to line.”

“That too.” It was no secret he tended to get on people’s nerves with his tenacity and persistence. “How’s Junior doing?”

“Junior is doing just fine. Still baking along slowly.”

“No name yet?”

“Nothing that we can agree on.”

“Zachery Buchanan has a nice sound to it.”

He heard her giggle. “There is only enough room in my life for one Zach. Sorry.”

“How about as a character in your next book? I’d love to be a hero in a romance. Hell, I’m already the perfect guy now, so you could just mirror it after me and make your job easier.”

“No romance books in the works just yet. I’ve got my hands full finishing up my next mystery. How would you like to be a murder victim? You could drive someone insane with your nonstop chatter. That’s reason enough for murder.”

“Very cute, Mallory. Stop listening to Nick badmouthing me.”

“Dude,” Nick replied through the phone this time. “Stop trying to give Mallory ideas on names. I’ve got one picked out and I’m waiting for the right time to tell her.”

“You have to wait?” Zach asked.

“Yes. If I say it too soon, she’ll have a reason she doesn’t like it…or she’ll love it so much she’ll want it to be a character in her next book. I’ve got to plan it just right.” There was a pause and then Nick said, “You know it’s the truth, Mallory, so, no, I’m not telling you yet. Anyway, Zach. How was the trade show? Sorry I dumped it on you last minute and I haven’t returned your calls. I’ve been swamped with coding and trying to get the house ready for the baby.”

They’d been friends for way too long for Zach to think Nick was purposely ignoring him. At this point in their relationship, if Nick didn’t want to talk to Zach, he’d just tell him to his face. He always had.

Besides, Nick would have gone to Vegas if he could have, but Zach knew he’d never leave Mallory at this point in her pregnancy, especially with her battling a cold last week.

“No problem. I sent you a report. Not sure if you’ve had a chance to look it over yet.”

“Not yet. Maybe later tonight. Anything of interest I need to know right now?”

Zach wanted to tell Nick about Amber but didn’t. Maybe next time they saw each other, he’d bring it up. Or maybe not. It was embarrassing the amount of time he’d spent the last few days trying to track her to no avail. Nick was liable to just bust him about it, and Zach didn’t think anything about this situation was funny.

“There was a lot of interest. I spoke with some hospital administrators who were going to go back and see if it’s a product that they might want to push to the local doctors. Legal angles if any and so on are in the talks. It’s all in my report.”

“Sounds good. Other than that, nothing much going on?” Nick asked again.

It was almost like Nick knew Zach had more to add. “Nope, just trying to catch up here at the office.”

“All right. I’ll let you go. You know where to reach me if you need anything.”

Zach hesitated and finally said, “Sure do. You can’t hide from me even if you wanted to.”

“No one can. You always find us and then lecture us for even trying. There’s never been any escaping you.”

Zach hung up the phone grimacing. If that was so true, then why couldn’t he find Amber? The question wasn’t if at this point, but when—and when he did, she’d better be ready for him.


Amber grabbed the remote and turned the music on in her office. It was an hour past closing and she still needed to finish up her notes for the day. As far as she knew, everyone was gone but her and Max.

She’d been in surgery at the hospital with Max at six this morning, not finishing until almost two. Then they’d returned to the office only to deal with one emergency after another while Dena and Rene dealt with the scheduled patients for the day.

Days like this made the time fly, and though she loved the thrill and excitement of it all, she was beat.

She hadn’t been sleeping well for the last week. Not through lack of trying. Nope, it had more to do with a dark-haired, brown-eyed man invading her dreams.

The song on the radio switched over and her mind started to drift back to a bar in Vegas just last week.

“I’ll have another one,” Amber said, holding her beer glass up to the bartender. The first day of the convention was done and she was just relaxing at a local bar, then she was going to turn in for the night.

The minute her drink was placed in front of her, she felt a presence at her back and swiveled on her bar stool.

He was tall and thin, handsome even with his short brown hair and light brown piercing eyes. They were almost golden, if she looked long enough.

“I’m Zach Monroe,” he said, reaching his hand out to hers.

“Amber,” she said back, placing her hand in his. He had a nice firm grip. She liked that about a man.

“No last name?” he asked.

She debated and then said, “Dustin.” Better safe than sorry.

He had a nice smooth tone to his voice. “Mind if I join you?”

“The seat is empty,” she said, nodding her head toward the bar stool to her right.

So he sat next to her and they chatted for an hour about the people in the bar. He was funny, with a personality similar to her own. Not everyone appreciated her warped sense of humor, but this stranger not only got her, but enjoyed bantering with her, too.

When the band changed directions and started to play ballads, he pulled her off her stool and onto the dance floor.

She’d fit so nicely in his arms. He wasn’t as tall as she first thought, maybe six foot, but since she was on the tall side for a woman, they fit really well together.

“I’m going to be awfully disappointed if you end up being a high-end call girl,” he whispered in her ear as he held her close, their hips swaying to the music.

She leaned her head back, her lips quirking. “I’m trying not to get insulted that you just said that.”

“I said high end,” he reminded her.

“And you said you’d be disappointed, too. Maybe I’m an undercover officer just waiting to nab some pervert paying for sex.”

He laughed, and the sound sent shockwaves crashing in her belly then traveling up to her chest. “It’s Vegas.”

“Point taken. How about I tell you I’m here for a medical convention?”

“Are you a doctor?” he asked, his eyes looking straight into hers. She could lose herself in him, she could feel it.

“No. Physician assistant.”

“So, just shy of a doctor,” he said, his hand roaming down her back and causing tingles to erupt everywhere.

She was surprised he knew that. Most people didn’t and often felt a physician assistant was below a nurse. “How do you know that?”

“My best friend’s sister is a PA, too. Spent a boatload of years in school and for the life of me I couldn’t understand why she didn’t just continue on.”

“It’s not for everyone,” Amber said. A lot of people said the same to her. “What about you, Zach? Are you from this area just trying to pick up some tourist in a bar for the night?”

“Would you be surprised to hear I’m here for a medical convention, too? Probably the same one you are.”

“Are you a doctor?” she asked, surprised. He seemed confident and cocky, but not enough to be a doctor in her eyes.

He laughed lightly. “Hardly. How about I impress you by saying I’m the Chief Operating Officer for a software firm.”

“Ah, one of those Silicon Valley…people…trying to sell their software.”

“You wanted to say nerd, didn’t you?” he asked quietly in her ear again.

Pushing away the shivers, she said, “Of course, but I caught myself.”

“Good catch. But no, not Silicon Valley.”

“You seem awfully young to have such a big title. Were you one of those people who had a start-up in your parents’ garage?”

“College dorm,” he corrected. “And my best friend—old college roommate—is the brains behind the software.”

“And your job?” she asked.

“My job is to bring in the talent, run the operation, sell the product, and get the job done so that he can continue to be the brains behind the software.”

She could see that. He had a smooth way about him. He’d gotten her on the dance floor when normally she’d just walk away from a stranger in another city. Wild child or not, her momma didn’t raise a fool. The smooth ones were the ones you had to watch the closest.

“So I guess we’re at the same convention, though you are on the other side of the building from me.”

“I am. If it weren’t for our chance meeting here, I might not have seen you.”

She was right, he was a smooth one. “Maybe it’s our lucky night.”

“Is this lucky night going to end here on the dance floor?” he asked.

“And if it did?” she asked back, wondering what his reaction would be. It’d been longer than she cared to admit since she’d had a draw toward a man. Nothing like this. Nothing this strong and this fast before. And nothing this fierce.

“Then I’d suggest we meet here again tomorrow night, same time, same drinks, and hopefully some better music.”

So he wasn’t pressuring her. The angel on her shoulder had always been tainted, so the devil had no problem saying, “We could do that, along with continuing this night, if you’d like.”

“I would,” he said, his lips moving over her neck. “Your hotel or mine?”

“Yours,” she said. Since she’d lied about her last name, she wasn’t about to show him where she was staying.

“Then let’s see where the night goes,” he said, taking her hand and leading her off the dance floor.

“Amber!” Max yelled her name. She turned her head to see Max standing in the doorway staring at her intently. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah, why?” she asked, feeling the heat creep up her neck. She’d been so lost in her memories that she had no clue how long he’d been standing there.

“You’re just staring at the wall in a daze. Why don’t you go home and get some sleep. I came in to say I was leaving, too.”

She shook her head and smiled. “I’m almost done. I’ll lock up soon. Go home and get some action from your wife before she boots you out of bed for knocking her up.”

Max laughed, used to her saying those things. “You’re a piece of work. Have a good night,” he said, then walked out.

Once she knew he was gone, she typed Zach Monroe into a search bar to see what she could find. Unfortunately, there were too many results and she had no clue where he was from, so she couldn’t narrow it down.

They’d spent three wonderful nights together and yet they never exchanged phone numbers. She didn’t realize it until she’d snuck out on Friday morning and left the convention a day early.

What they had those three nights scared her silly. Enough that she ran for the first time in her life. But now that she was home again, she was wishing she didn’t, only she had no way to find him.

It was probably for the best. She’d bet she was nothing more than a fling to him, which was why she never told him her real name. As smooth as he was, she was sure he had a lot of “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” experiences. She didn’t need complications like that in her life anymore.


Deserve A Chance…Chapter 1


Deserve A Chance

If you haven’t read the prologue yet, you can catch up here.

You can buy Deserve A Chance on Amazon.



“Hey, Mama. How are you feeling?” Amber asked her coworker Rene Buchanan when she walked into the office on Monday morning. “Did you miss me while I was gone last week?”

Rene smiled and pushed herself up from the chair. She wasn’t really that big at seven months’ pregnant, but big enough for her tiny frame to need help getting up. “Like Snow White misses a poison apple.”

Amber laughed. “I love this new you. You’re pretty funny,” she said, walking over and giving Rene a hug, then running her hand over the small watermelon protruding in front of her. “How’s Junior doing?”

“He’s doing good. Eating me out of house and home.”

“You mean you’re eating yourself out of house and home for him. Don’t be blaming the baby for the growth of your butt.”

“Thanks,” Rene said, snorting.

“We’ve got all sorts of equipment here to get you right back in shape after Junior is done wrecking your body.”

Rene shook her head, then grinned. “You’re so cynical. Besides, it’s not all that bad. Ask Cole. He’d tell you he’d keep me pregnant nonstop if he had his way.”

“That’s probably because you’re horny. My sister was the same way and her husband said the same thing.”

Rene blushed sweetly. “Okay, I’m going to leave the room now.”

“No, you aren’t,” Amber said, grinning. “You started it. So when’s the wedding?” Amber asked, glancing down at the large diamond on Rene’s finger. She wasn’t feeling any envy, not really.

“We don’t have a date yet. Cole wants to be married before the baby comes and I understand why, but I want to be able to dance and have fun at my wedding, not be wearing a mumu.”

“Then maybe you shouldn’t have gotten knocked up.”

Rene wrinkled her nose. “Very funny.”

“I know, I know,” Amber said. “Those super mutant powers of Cole’s. Bet those little buggers of his can swim through concrete. You better watch it, or before long there will be a little sister in the oven next.”

“Bite your tongue. I want a break between kids regardless of the horny hormones.”

“Ah, but you plan on having more?” Amber asked.

Rene had been so shy when she moved here almost ten months ago. The last thing Rene thought would happen when she started her new job was to get engaged and be expecting a child in the first year. Was Amber jealous of Rene over it? Absolutely.

Amber had never understood how someone could find that connection with another person so quickly.

That is, until this last week when she met Zach Monroe.

She shook those thoughts from her brain. It was best to not let her mind go there right now or she might start crying again. She did what she had to do to protect herself and she wouldn’t second-guess that now. She didn’t need history to repeat itself.

“At some point. Right now, I just want to get through this pregnancy and settle into my new life.”

A few minutes later, her boss, Dr. Max Hamilton, walked into their office. “How was the convention? Are you ready to make me break out the checkbook?”

Max always said she could talk him into anything, and she could. She knew it and enjoyed the thrill of it. Besides, she made his practice a lot of money and was proud of her smooth-talking skills.

“I sure am. I’ll put all the brochures and paperwork together with my notes for you by the end of the week. You could have gone with me and then I would have had you under contract already.”

Max laughed at her. “Which is why I didn’t go with you. Besides, Quinn hasn’t felt well and I didn’t want to leave her alone with the kids for a week.”

“Is she okay?” Amber asked of Max’s wife of just eight months.

“Nothing that another month won’t fix,” he said, smiling brightly.

“Get out! Quinn is pregnant already!” Amber exclaimed, rushing over and hugging him.

“Yeah,” he said, returning her hug. “We told Nick and Mallory at dinner last night, and she’s telling her siblings today, so I wanted to let you guys know. Besides,” Max said, turning to Rene, “I figured you’d hear it from Mallory by the end of the day if I didn’t tell you now.”

Mallory was Rene’s sister-in-law and Quinn’s best friend. “What the heck is in the water here? That is three of you pregnant now. When is Mallory due again?”

“December eighteenth,” Rene said. “Just a month ahead of me. Congrats, Max.”

“Thanks,” he said. “Now let’s get some work done. Amber, you’re in with me. I’ll make sure I tell Dena and the rest of the staff when they come in so they aren’t hurt they didn’t hear it from the source. Rene, you’ve got the office rotation for now.”

Amber watched them both walk out of her office, then pulled her chair out and sat down.

She was happy for Rene and Max. She was happy for anyone that was in a relationship. In general, she was a happy person.

Or at least that’s what she portrayed on the outside.

On the inside, right now, she was wondering what possessed her to sneak away Friday morning without saying goodbye to the one person she’d felt any type of connection with since she was in college.

The one person that might be able to help her move on.






“Are you okay, Amber?” Dena asked her.

“Yeah, why?”

It was the end of the day and Amber thought she’d done a good job acting like her normal self. She’d been laughing and picking on everyone all day long, just like she always did.

“I don’t know; it seems like your usual shine is dull. Just tired from the trip?”

She didn’t want to think about Vegas, because doing that would remind her of Zach. She wondered what he was doing right now. Was he thinking of her? Did he even miss her?

She’d never even gotten the name of the company he worked for. Just that he was there doing software demos on the other side of the building.

They met up each night for dinner and ended up back in his room. Every evening before it was time to meet him, she’d go back to her hotel around the corner, get a change of clothes for the next day, and then spend the night with him.

She’d never done that before. Gone to a convention and had a fling. And never before had she had a fling that lasted days.

That old saying of “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” didn’t seem like it was going to work for her, though. Not when every time she closed her eyes she saw Zach’s light brown eyes glowing with passion as he looked at her. The bright smile of his and his frequent laughter. She’d never laughed as much as she had for those three days.

Nor could she remember the last time she was truly happy. The type of happy that made her cheeks hurt from smiling so much. Probably never if she thought hard enough.

“It was a long couple of days.”

“Out partying?” Dena asked.

Everyone still thought she was this party animal. Sure, she was when she was younger. A bit of a wild one, people would say in describing her. She was more so in college. Until that all changed one night when she woke up and realized she’d been doing everything wrong. That her life—her world—was never going to be the same again.

“Nothing more than the normal. Dinner and a few drinks, then off to bed.”

She wasn’t about to add she didn’t go to bed alone. Or even to her own bed.

“If you say so.”

“I do,” Amber said, smiling. “Wait until you see the stuff I tried last week.”

“That’s the spirit. Did you have anything done on you?”

“Of course. What’s the fun of going there if I didn’t get to try or use it?”

“Nothing looks different on your face, so it can’t be that.”

“Nope. This is for fat pretty much anywhere on the body but the face.” She slid her hands down her outer thighs, always loving her curves, even embracing them. “These babies are going to be slightly slimmer in a few days.”

“A few days?” Dena asked.

“That’s what it boasts. Though I’m sure with just one treatment I won’t see much of a difference. It calls for a few. I’ll get all the information together and get it to Max this week. Just wait until you see what I end up talking him into.”

“Okay, now that is the Amber I haven’t seen today.”

She smiled at Dena, proud of herself for pulling it off.

Maybe in a few days she’d be back to normal. Unfortunately, she was afraid she was just fooling herself.

Deserve A Chance…Prologue

It’s that time again…where I post the beginning of my next book.

Deserve A Chance is the 5th book in the Lake Placid Series and will be live on December 12, 2017, but is available for pre-order right now!



Zach Monroe heard the door shut softly and rolled over onto his other side, assuming Amber slipped into the bathroom quietly like she had the last few mornings they’d been together.

Who would have thought this convention in Vegas would’ve turned out like this?

He never figured he’d find someone that he had so much in common with, someone he enjoyed being around who talked as much as him.

Someone he didn’t want to be without. All from a trip he hadn’t wanted to attend in the first place.

Love at first sight? No way. He’d never believed in it.

Until he saw Amber sitting by herself at the bar with a beer in her hand Tuesday night.

Okay, maybe it wasn’t love. Maybe it was more like instant attraction and deep lust. That was more like it. More like how he classified any relationship he’d ever had.

They shared a few beers, then retired to his room. The only time they’d been apart since was during the actual convention.

He must have fallen back to sleep because the next thing he knew, the sunlight was coming through the large window in his room, reflecting brightly on his closed eyelids. They’d been too busy to shut the blinds. He wondered if anyone had caught a glimpse of them last night, then smiled and decided he didn’t care in the least.

Turning on his back, he opened one eye to the space next to him. His other eye popped open when he saw it was empty.

Slowly, his hand slid over and felt the coolness on the sheets. There was an eerie silence in the room right now that sent his heart thumping.

He sat up and looked at the dresser and saw the drawers all neatly shut like they had been when they went to bed.

Swinging his feet to the floor, he walked naked to the bathroom and noticed the door open and a damp towel hanging. She must have gone for coffee, he thought.

Only something was telling him otherwise.

Opening the first drawer where she’d put the change of clothes she’d brought with her when they met up last night, he found it empty, so he opened another, hoping against hope, but he knew in his heart that it would be bare.

He was just ready to look in the hallway when he realized he didn’t have a stitch of clothing on, so he grabbed his jeans and a shirt, not even bothering to button or zip anything.

As he suspected, she wasn’t in the hall either.

He showered and dressed, then made his way to the front desk. “Hi, could you tell me if Amber Dustin has checked out?”

The young woman looked up and said, “I’m sorry, but we can’t give that information out.”

He stopped for a second and then asked, “Can you tell me if there is even an Amber Dustin staying here?”

He just realized he never found out what hotel she was in. They’d spent the entire time in his, and she always had a change of clothes with her when they met up each night.

“Sandy,” he said again, reading the name on her tag. “I know you’ve seen her with me. Here’s her picture to refresh your memory,” he said, giving her a charming smile that used to melt his grandmother’s heart when he was a kid. He’d pulled his phone out and showed her the picture he’d snapped of him and Amber sitting on the couch in his room.

Sandy looked right and left, then started to punch a few buttons. “I’m sorry, there is no one staying here by that name.”

“Is there anyone here with the name Amber?”

“I’m really sorry, but I’ve said more than I should already.”

Zach sighed. He knew the rules but had been hoping he could sweet talk Sandy just the same. He’d done it before. He could talk a saint into handing over his robe on a cold winter’s day, but right now he just didn’t have it in him. Bitter emotions were creeping up his spine, turning sour in his mouth.

“Thanks, Sandy. If she comes back, will you give her my card?”

Zach pulled it out and handed it over. Not only had Zach realized he didn’t know the hotel Amber was staying at, but they’d never exchanged numbers either. How could that have slipped his mind?

Probably because they were so in tune with each other when they were alone that details like contact information never came up. Or maybe it was the excitement of meeting up each day like strangers in the night.

Yeah, he was losing his mind.

The convention! He rushed through the doors of the main room to see if she was around. It was early yet, but maybe she went back to her hotel to shower and change for the last day.

She never showed.

By the end of the day, he’d given up. He’d asked a few people from the medical side of the convention who she was. Showing her picture around and hoping against hope he hadn’t been played.

Plenty had seen her, but no one knew anything else. No one knew where she was, where she was staying, or where she worked. The coordinator said that he couldn’t give out that information no matter how much Zach tried to bribe the man.

How could he not try though? There was this magical pull she seemed to have over him clouding all reason.

By the time he boarded his flight back to Virginia, he knew he was going to be on a mission to find her. Part of his job was finding and recruiting talent from all over the world, even when they didn’t want to be found. This should be a piece of cake.

How could she have done that? Just leave the way she did without a word. They still had one more night left in town.

Why would she have just disappeared like that? Didn’t she feel the same connection he did?

Once he got back to his office he was going to dig right in. And when he found her—because he would—she would have some explaining to do.

No one played him and walked away. Not again. Never again.

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Blogging Elsewhere

So I told you all that I’m part of the Authors’ Billboard,right? A group of wonderfully talented authors that I’m learning so much from.

Well one of the tasks that I’m enjoying is blogging there once a month. But I realized I speak more of myself there than I do here. I don’t know why that is. Once in awhile I’ll post something personal, but not often.

I decided to share my two blog posts from there, here, you can read them too.

The first one was Taking A Chance.

With risk comes great reward. We’ve all heard this before, correct? Maybe we’ve said, “That’s right, I’m going to take a risk and I’m going to win.” Then you get all excited, you dive head first into the freezing cold water, come up for air and you wait. And wait. And wait.  “Where’s my reward?” you ask yourself.

That was me twenty plus years ago. I wanted to be a writer. An author. That was my goal. That was my dream. I’d started and stopped writing too many times to count, getting frustrated and giving up.

Then four years ago I told myself, it’s now or never and I made a plan. I’m good at making plans. And lists. Lots and lots of lists. My lists have lists and I’m proud of that fact!

My plan was to write one book. Start and keep going until it was done. Just to say I could do it. The finished product didn’t have to leave my computer, no one had to see it but me, but darn it all, I was going to finish that book.

Not only did I finish that book, Road to Recovery, but I wrote Road to Redemption and Road to Reality. Three books in draft form and I had no clue what to do next. So I started to search out editors, and since I’m a firm believer in fate, I kept coming back to this one editor.  Something pulled at me and said, “Reach out and see what she says.”

That risk I talked about before… well that’s what I did. My finger hovered over the mouse after I reread my email fifty times. The last thing I wanted to do was have a typo in the introduction email!

I didn’t have a long wait. I wasn’t floating in the cold water wondering when I could get out and grab a fluffy towel.  Now I’m not going to say my reward was instantaneous, because it wasn’t. I had a lot of work ahead of me, and I got right to it. Pulled out another ream of paper and made another list of where to start and how to approach it.

Here I am—not even three years after Road to Recovery was published—my fourteenth book, Take A Chance, was released this month.

Rene Buchanan did what I did. She’d had a life she lived for twenty-nine years and when it wasn’t working out the way she always envisioned. When she knew there was more out there and she just had to find it, she dove into that ice cold water and took her chance. Luckily for her, Cole McGuire was there to hand her a nice warm towel, wrap her up tight and show her that her risk was both their reward.

You can read Take A Chance now. Available on Amazon.

The second blog post was Fall…Finally

It’s my favorite time of year!

Here in New York, Fall is running a little late to the party, but it’s in route…finally!

Fall symbolizes a lot of different things for different people.

—Back to school—Happy dance for all those parents out there.

—Football—Unless your team isn’t setting the red zone on fire…yes, I mean you Eli.

—Apple picking—Sad to say, this is the first time in sixteen years I haven’t gone apple picking with my son. He’s a freshman in college and too cool to do that.

—The changing of the leaves—The perfect time to take a scenic drive to Vermont. Unfortunately, thanks to motion sickness, scenic drives and me don’t play nice.

—The first frost—Still waiting for this to happen.

—Planting my tulips for spring—Again, still waiting.

You might wonder why I put planting of tulips on my list. To me, fall symbolizes the ending of summer, the beginning of my favorite season, and a kickoff to spring. The time when I tenderly plant those bulbs, spread the soil on top and wait months and months for them to make their first appearance.

Fall also makes me think of love and new beginnings. Jordyn Montgomery got her new beginning in All My Love. She picked up the only life she’d ever known in Florida and moved to Upstate New York on a hunch and with a purpose. While experiencing loss, loneliness, mystery, and love, she met Drew Palmer who stood by her through it all, and helped her find the new beginning she’d been dreaming of.

Each month I’ll try to remember to share my post on my site here, but please, take a trip to Authors’ Billboard and read what everyone else is writing about. You won’t be disappointed.


Is This Love…Deserve A Chance

Like I’ve said before, the Lake Placid Series is all about rock and roll, 70’s, 80’s & 90’s music as my inspiration.

Deserve A Chance is no different. I can’t tell you how many times I listened to this cassette growing up. Yep, I had a cassette of this and my age is showing!

Whitesnake was one of my favorite bands back then and still is. I hear them playing on Pandora and I crank it up like I did in my teens and just start singing along with them. And everytime I hear this song I think, “I can’t believe this hasn’t been the perfect song for one of my couples yet.”

Until Zack and Amber. When you read their story, I think you’ll agree. You can purchase  Deserve A Chance on Amazon.

Here it is, one of my all time favorite songs ever. Is This Love by Whitesnake.

Time For More All Series

Trying something new is always fun, exciting, and a little distressing for me.

The ‘new and exciting’ thing that I decided to try my hand at is a novella. What’s that, you ask? Well it’s a story that is less than 40K words long. The bulk of my books are over 80K words, so that gives you an idea of how fast of a read this may be.

Since so many people have asked me if I’d write more books in the All Series, I figured my first novella could be…drum roll… All For Love. The story of William and Isabel Harper and how it all started.

By writing about a family I’m so attached to, it took away a bulk of the ‘distressing’ for me. I’m halfway through and though I’ve found it challenging to write a book set in the ‘past’, it starts out in the present time. Sort of. It’s right before Kaitlin and Ryan’s story, Road to Reason, to be exact.

I think it’s going to be a nice bridge to bring the Road Series and the All Series together more than they already are. Didn’t you ever wonder how the Harper’s and Mathews’ came to be such good friends? Or what Isabel was like in her twenties? You’re soon going to find out!

So keep your eyes open. If all goes well, I’m hoping to have the book ready for publication before Valentine’s Day. Because you know…hearts and flowers and…love. All For Love!

Pink Explosion

October 1st is around the corner. We know what that means, right? Yeah, it’s the 10th month of the year. Yes, fall is in full swing. And yes, football Sundays with family and friends. But what normally happens in October is an explosion of pink.

Everywhere we turn we’ll see varying shades, ribbons of every shape and size, key words like ‘hope’, ‘strength’, ‘courage’, ‘survivor’. Even funny catchy knick knacks with saying like this.


I used to hate all the pink in October. It was just a reminder of the battle my mother had lost. I didn’t need that reminder in October; I had it all year round. Why do most people tend to forget about pink the other 11 months of the year?

Then I realized it’s not about other people. It’s about all those women (and men) who have been affected by breast cancer. I’m sure everyone out there knows someone. If you’re reading this and you don’t know someone, well now you do. Me! (BTW that’s my travel mug)

About two and a half years ago I got the devastating news that I too was one of those women that was going to be told she had breast cancer. But it wasn’t so devastating, really. It was actually expected. You see, I already knew I carried the BRCA1 mutation. I’d been watched and screened carefully for over 15 years. So when it was caught, it was caught early with a great prognosis.

My mother battled breast cancer 4 times until she passed away at the tender age of 48. It will be 20 years this December. Her prognosis was never that great. They didn’t have the knowledge of genetic testing back then, or the technology to catch it before it could even be felt (like mine). Now they do though.


Because when October comes around, the word gets out. People spend money and buy all those things. Businesses donate proceeds of items specifically sold for breast cancer awareness. And all that money, and all that exposure and all that knowledge will help the next generation of men and women.

So with that being said, I no longer get annoyed when I only see pink so widespread in October. Instead I run out and buy as much as I can because I know every little bit counts. I carry my travel mug around so when someone laughs at it, I laugh with them.

I wear the pink and diamond sapphire engagement ring on my ring hand daily that my husband gave me for Mother’s day weeks after my diagnosis. And when someone comments on it (because it’s a pretty speculator rock and people always do) I tell them what it symbolizes.

I spread the word, my message and all those before me and after me, with pride. I no longer get annoyed with a pink explosion in October, but try to sprinkle it around when I can, then blast it like everyone else in October!

Deserve A Chance

Deserve A Chance

What happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas, as Amber Deacon learned when she snuck out on Zach Monroe before he awoke.

Amber is the black sheep of her family. Instead of conforming and trying to please, she embraced being different knowing that there wasn’t anything wrong with it. Her front of happiness took a lot of work, but she mastered it.

Abandonment issues have always secretly plagued Zach. Deep-rooted memories he’s kept bottled up. No one really stuck around. So why is it that he’s so bothered that Amber left him without a word? Is it worth trying to find her to figure it out, or will their magical few days in Vegas remain just a blip in his life?



Follow Me…And Other Exciting News!!

You might have noticed that I changed the picture at the top of my website. If not, just take a look. The picture on the cover of All I Want has always been one of my favorites.

That’s not really what this post is about though. Nope, instead I’m going to let you know all the places you can follow me! You’re super excited, aren’t you? I know I am!

Drum roll please…I’ve got a Facebook page!! I know, shocking, but I did. I’ll explain more in a bit. And not only that, but I’ve got a Pinterest one too!

Now if I could only figure out how to get those little widget things at the top of my blog to make it easier for you to follow me.

Anyhoo…I’ll just make it easy.

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Now for the really exciting news…and the main reason I signed up for FB and Pinterest.  I’m going to be working with a bunch of wonderful and talented authors at The Author’s Billboard. You can follow them and me at their blog here : The Author’s Billboard

As you can see they’ve got a contest going for the month of September. Enter and win a chance for a $25 Amazon Gift Card. (my memes are at the bottom since I just joined the group last week, but they were kind enough to let me enter)

Not only are there wonderful contests, but they put out several boxed sets a year where you get a chance to read multiple stories from different authors (and hopefully find some new favorites!) for a low price! Check some of them out here. I’ll be included in one of the boxed sets for this Christmas!!!! (If I wasn’t so shy I’d insert a gif of me dancing around my office right now!)

Did you notice that the bulk of the ladies in this group are USA/NY Times Best Selling Authors??!!! I’m so excited to be working with them and learning everything I can from their experience and expertise! Fingers crossed, I’ll be following suit.

If you want to get to know them some more, follow them here on Facebook

And now that I’ve overloaded you with data (Your finger is sore from clicking on the links and following, right?) I’ll end this with a few short words… Follow Me!!!

Lake Placid Summary

In the past I’ve done a summary post on the All Series and the Road Series. I figured it was time to do one for the Lake Placid Series also.

Like all my series, the characters will start to weave in and out and become a six degrees of separation type of thing. It seems that is how my mind works no matter how many times I try something different. But as always my books can all be read as a stand alone. Even if you don’t know the characters from other books, you’ll understand enough to make sense for the book you’re reading.

Second Chance. Book one with Nick Buchanan and Mallory Denning. Available at Amazon.


Give Me A Chance. Book two with Max Hamilton and Quinn Baker. Available at Amazon.


Our Chance. Book three with Caleb Ryder and Celeste McGuire. Available at Amazon.


Take A Chance. Book four with Cole McGuire and Rene Buchanan. Available at Amazon.

Take a Chance

Deserve A Chance. Book five with Zach Monroe and Amber Deacon. (coming soon)

Deserve A Chance

Last Chance. Book six with Trevor Miles and Riley Hamilton. (coming soon)

Another Chance. Book seven with Sam Marshall and Dena Olson. (coming soon)