Free Books…

Now that I’ve got your attention…

How would you like to receive a free electronic copy of my book? You know you would, wouldn’t you?

What’s the catch, you ask?  Well I’m looking for an honest review to be left on Do you have to leave me a 5 star review? No, absolutely not.  I just want an honest review.  Do I hope you like/love my books? Sure, I do! But again, I want you to be honest.  As an author, it benefits me to know what my readers like or don’t like about a story.

How do you get a copy of my book? I will send you a PDF or a Mobi file for FREE, and all you need to do is move the file to whichever electronic device you read off of.

What are the requirements? It’s pretty easy actually.  I would like to see at least one review (if not more) that you’ve posted for one of my books already on Amazon.  The assumption is, you want to be an ARC reader because you’ve read my books already.

How soon do you need to post the review? Within 3 days of the release date. But don’t worry, I will send out the ARC copy a few weeks prior to the release. That’s right, you get to read it before it’s even released!

If you are interested, or have any questions, please contact me at And don’t forget, if you haven’t signed up for my newsletter yet, go to my home page and click on the red roses.

Thanks so much!

2 thoughts on “Free Books…

  1. Dear Natalie
    I enjoyed your book ROAD TO RECOVERY immensely. The characters were so believable and their complicated love story brought me to tears in some parts. I loved that their journey did not begin with the usual one night stand whereafter the hero/bad boy/billionaire simply couldn’t resist the shy ingenue! That plot has been used in nauseating repetition.
    So I was thrilled to immerse myself in a fresh relationship, which could have gone on for a few more pages! I was sad to reach the end and I can’t wait to read more of your stories so please keep writing!


    • Thank you so much for the kind words! I try to make my characters (and their stories) as believable in the real life as possible. I’m glad you enjoyed the book and hope you continue on with the series. All the characters make repeat appearances as the series progresses, so you get to see them as they grow.


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