Music Helps

Music has always been a huge part of my life.  For as long as I can remember I’ve listened to all sorts of music. My tastes have changed through the years from country, to pop to hard rock and the old classics.

Often times music is playing in my house.  My husband and I have been known to sit around talking with Pandora playing on the weekends.  It’s soothing, relaxing and inspiring at times.

I love hearing a song playing now that reminds me of my wedding.  Or my childhood.  Songs that make me stop what I’m doing in that moment and just listen and remember.

I used to hear the music and not the words.  Now I listen to the words more than anything.  And that turns into an inspiration for a book, or rather the characters, if not their story. I touched on music once before in another blog post Inspirations and My Dog.

With my new Series, All Series, I’ve found one song that I play over and over while writing each book.  It helps me lose myself in the story.

Coincidentally my first two books in this series have songs by the same title of my book.  It didn’t work out that way on purpose.

I had already decided that the books in this series would start with “All” for every title.  Surprisingly, a song I’ve loved for years ended up being perfect for Ben and Presley.  It’s called “All or Nothing” by Theory of a Deadman.

Though the video has nothing to do with the book at all, the words have meaning to their story.  Here it is, enjoy!

Next week, I’ll share the video for my second book in the series!

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