Did You Know???

I just had my covers made for the last two books in the All Series. You can see them on my home page.

I have to say, right now, my favorite cover is All My Love. There is just something about that cover that makes me sigh. Maybe it’s the soft sensual quality of it. Either way, so far, I love it!

I also recreated the covers for Road to Redemption and Road to Reality. Why, do you ask? Well, I wanted them to seem more romantic like the All Series’ covers. I didn’t change much, just added a couple into them.

But the main reason for this post…did you know that each one of my covers has a heart hidden in it somewhere? Some of the hearts are more visible than others. I guess you could say it’s my trademark of sorts. Since I’m a romantic at heart, why not put a heart on all my covers!

So…if you’ve never noticed it before, now you will. Tell me, which cover if your favorite?

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