Excerpt… All My Love

Here is an excerpt from All My Love. It’s from the chapter titled First Time. Hope you enjoy Drew and Jordyn’s story!


“So here is my place. Or I should say my space.” He looked around quickly and tried to see it out of her eyes. It was a pretty big place for a basement suite.

“This is bigger than my first apartment was.”

“It suits me. I tend to go upstairs and hang out with my father at night and watch TV, but it gives me my own space too. We both need it.”

“I didn’t realize you had a full kitchen down here. It’s just small.”

He looked over at the full-sized fridge, even though it was on the smaller end, and the small stove and sink with an island to sit at. “The only thing I don’t have is a dishwasher, but there is space for one if someone wants to turn this into a rentable apartment when they sell it.”

She started snapping pictures, then walked into the living room and did the same. “Sit on the couch.”


“I want to take some pictures of you as if you lived here. Show how comfortable it is.” He shrugged and did as she asked, then watched her focus on him and take a few more pictures. “Can we go to your bedroom now?” Too bad she didn’t mean that the way he hoped. She seemed to realize the way she said it and promptly blushed. “For pictures,” she clarified.

“Sure.” He stood up and walked her over to the door and tried to take his mind off the fact she was standing in his bedroom and no one else was in the house. They’d stood in her bedroom alone already too. It was no big deal.

Only it was. He was starting to feel something stronger for her than just attraction, but that attraction was fierce and standing in here next to her was harder than he imagined it might be.

She walked around trying to ignore him, but he saw her movements were a bit forced. She snapped a bunch of pictures and in an effort to lighten things up he asked, “Want me to lie on the bed too?” The alarmed look that crossed her face made him pause. He wondered if she was a virgin and was trying to figure out what to do now, what to say. “Sorry, it was a joke.”

“No, it was funny.”

“Then why didn’t you laugh?”


He smiled. “I make you nervous.”

“I would have thought that was pretty obvious,” she mumbled.

“Then come here and I’ll help get rid of them.”

“How’s that?” she asked, dropping her camera to her side and walking over like he asked, hesitantly.

“I’m going to kiss you.”

“You think that’s going to get rid of my nerves? That might only make it worse,” she said, her voice squeaking.

Good to know. “One way to find out.”

He pulled her forward and laid his lips over hers. They were so soft and yielded so easily.

He felt the camera hit his back and realized she’d wrapped her arms around his neck. Even better. She opened her mouth under his and suddenly she became the aggressor. She sure didn’t kiss like a virgin, so now he was doubting his earlier thoughts.

Moments later she shifted back, her big eyes focused on his, and whispered, “Yeah, I’m still nervous, but you can kiss me again if you want, because that was really nice.”

Maybe her speaking her mind was a good thing. He yanked her forward and kissed her again like he never wanted to let go.

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