Crazy Life

I know I’ve been a little bit quite lately, but I’m still here. In the last month we’ve closed on a new house in a city an hour away, and have been doing some reno to it before we officially move the end of June. We also put our current house up for sale a week ago, so that is a non stop cleaning frenzy to have it set for bookings. Then throw in my full time job, my son is graduating from high school in a few weeks and writing, well something has to give. Unfortunately, it’s been the writing.

However, I’m still on track to release Our Chance on June 7th. Take a Chance is still scheduled to go to the editor’s on June 1st and my plan is to have Deserve a Chance done by the end of this month (at least the first rough draft).

Stay tuned for a few chapters of Our Chance in the next week or so!

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