Beach Love

If you read Finding Love, then you met Sheldon’s best friend Melissa Mahoney. I loved her character so much, I had to give her a story of her own!

Beach Love(1)


A reformed playboy. A woman looking for love. What happens when trust becomes an issue?

If you looked up privileged in the dictionary, you’d see a picture of Dr. Connor Landers, trust fund playboy extraordinaire. He loved having that title, but the real reason he was that way was something very few people knew. Then reality was shoved in his face and he had to make a choice.

Melissa Mahoney was looking for love in all the wrong places. How hard could it be to find someone to trust? Someone to give her what she’d been dreaming of? She takes a risk and puts her heart in Connor’s hands, but will he just end up shattering it like she’d been fearful of all along?

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