Simply Love


Being strong doesn’t make you a hero, but doing what is right does.

Gemma Anderson has always been the ugly duckling of the family. Overweight, shy, and picked on…not just by friends, but by family. She turned to food for comfort, which only compounded her misery. As an adult, she’d had enough of her lonesome life and decided in order to break out of her horrible habits and routine, she had to move away, or risk being alone forever.

Blake Wilson had one of the most dysfunctional lives of anyone he’d ever known. He grew up just wanting a stable family home life and knew if he ever got it, he’d have to avoid the drama of his current family. He enlisted in the service, then went into law enforcement. He’d always wanted to do right by people and prove he was nothing like his family. Now if he could only find the right woman.

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