Ryder Fierce is the biggest playboy in the Fierce family. The blonder, the ditzier, the more artificially enhanced they are, that was what he ended up with despite his parents’ nonstop complaints. No one knew the reason. No one asked. If they did, he had no intention of telling them it’s because he wanted the complete opposite of what he had lost. Of the person who broke his heart and he still hasn’t gotten over her.

Marissa McMillan has had a big whopping secret she’s held for nine years. She knew it was wrong to keep it and she’d probably regret it for the rest of her life, but when your heart is broken as badly as hers, you did what you could to survive. But now she needs the help of the Fierce’s and that secret she’s held onto…well, everyone is in for one big surprise. The question is, could she ever be forgiven for what she’s done?

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