Believe In Me

Caden Finley has been the success story that dreams were made of. A model in his teens, valedictorian of his class, graduated the top five from Carnegie Mellon and landed a job right on Wall Street where he continued to make a name for himself. Too bad all that work landed him in the hospital. Embarrassment over his health leads him to relocate to upstate New York and a slower lifestyle. He’s out of his element and frustrated with it, but determined to keep his past mistakes where they belong…hidden.

Sarah Walker has always been second behind her professional baseball player brother Harris. She was totally fine with it too. Until she realized that was the only reason half the men she dated wanted to be with her. Fed up with never being first in someone’s life, she’s decided it was time for a change. Time to put herself first and foremost and if she ended up single, then so be it. If she was happy, that is all that mattered…or so she tried to convince herself and her insecurities.

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