Forever Mine

Will broken hearts and promises hold these two lovers back from finding their second chance?

Whitney Butler had dreams of a family of her own. Maybe she shouldn’t have voiced them to her high school sweetheart so early, scaring him away. But she found who she thought would be her forever love soon after him. Only it wasn’t. Not even close. Left alone with a broken heart once again, she decides it’s best to focus on being happy rather than planning it all out.

Trey Bridges was in love as much as any seventeen-year-old could be. But when Whitney started to talk about weddings and babies, he bailed and moved on. Years later, he is a single father trying to make life work when he gets called to an alarm at his high school sweetheart’s home. Flames rekindle, but old memories and insecurities are hard to forget. He realizes he threw the best thing in his life away and hopes to hell he doesn’t do it again.

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