A Lover For Lily

At eighteen, Lily Bloom made a promise on her mother’s deathbed…to care for her two younger sisters and keep them together at all costs. So she did the only thing available to her to achieve that goal, she married the owner of the flower shop she worked at part-time. Now a widow at just thirty-one, she’s made a name for herself and plans on keeping it. Men? The last one she had was a necessity. The next? Nah, not worth it.

Zane Wolfe is a single father who had to cut his military career short when his ex decided parenting wasn’t for her. With no choice in the matter and not about to give his child up, he moved back home to start his own business and get the help of his family to give his daughter the life she deserved. Women? He has no time or need for them other than a physical release. Relationships? Been there, done that, and not crazy enough to try again…or is he?

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