Family Bonds- Hailey & Rex

Hailey Bond has it all. She’s worked hard to make her mark in a man’s world. Even in the Bond’s world. “I don’t need a man,” has come from her lips many times over. Only with all her cousins falling in love left and right, the chimes of her biological clock are almost shaking the island her family founded. The problem is…it seems no man she finds wants to live by her rules.

Rex Knight has worked hard for his wealth. It wasn’t handed to him and he takes nothing for granted. His ex playing games for years didn’t turn him sour. But finding someone who can understand his demanding career has been difficult. His charity date with Hailey Bond was a flop and he knew it. A chance to manage the Amore Island Trust puts him back in front of Hailey and this time he’s going to show her that compromise is the name of the game.

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