Fierce Liam

In the kitchen is where Liam O’Malley always knew he’d be. He was good at what he did and was out to prove it to everyone, all the while never letting on he was related to the Fierces. He didn’t want to be judged or compared, rather doing it on his own.

Margo West thought she had a good life. But in the past six months, everything changed. Her boyfriend was leading a double life with another woman, then when she broke it off he became a nuisance and got her fired. She starts a new job at Fierce and thinks things are turning around. Until she finds out her parents had been lying to her her whole life. As if things couldn’t get any more stressful, Jolene Fierce somehow targets her for the next setup in the family. The joke is on Jolene though because Liam was the first and last one-night stand she’d ever had who ghosted from her life years prior. No way they are made for each other. Or are they?

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