Family Bonds- Penelope & Griffin

Penelope Rauch always felt like she was in the shadow of her older sister Emily. With her sunny disposition and great personality, she decided to be the fun one that was always cracking jokes. Sure she could be serious but no one ever seemed to realize that she just wanted others to be more like her. Especially Griffin Zale who she’d fallen for the minute she’d met him seven years prior. Only he wanted nothing to do with her and she didn’t know why.

Griffin Zale had an upbringing that very few knew about. Only his best friend and his employer and some of the Bond family. He didn’t think he was good enough to be much more than an employee even though the Bonds made him feel like one of their own. He had demons and a past he couldn’t outrun no matter how hard he tried and because of that, there was no room for a woman. Even one as tempting as Penelope Rauch…a Bond by blood. Royalty in his eyes when he often felt like more of a servant.

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