A Playboy For Poppy!

As the middle child, Poppy Bloom has always sought out attention. She is the wild one, the happy one, the emotional one. The biggest flirt. Not many took her seriously, even when she tried. But now as an adult, she’s ready to prove to her sisters—her only remaining family—that she can pull her weight in the family business. And when the man who broke her heart returns to town, her biggest mission is to not let it happen again.

During his travels around the world, Reese McGill accumulated a lot of wealth and women. He’s never been a rule follower. Many said he wasn’t ready or didn’t want to settle down. He knew the truth—he was waiting for his time and the right woman. Now he’s back in Mystic to claim that prize and if he risks being disowned, then so be it. He isn’t a professional gambler for nothing.

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