Letting Go

Hannah Shepard had never been a risk taker. But with some newfound confidence and a little encouragement from the girls in her salon, she ventures out to strike up a conversation with the hottie working on her building. Total fail, making her wonder why she bothered to try. Failure has always been her fear and here she was striking out in her personal life almost as much as her professional one.

At nineteen, Cash Fielding lost his father. His idol. The man that ran their landscaping business and kept their family as one unit. He stepped up as his father would want, growing up faster than he should have had to. Along the way, he realized his personal life took a major hit. Now he feels like he’s lost in space when he’s around women. It was better to stay alone, or so he thought, until a cute blonde came out to offer him a bottle of water one day and he messes up more than once.

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