Family Bonds- Bode & Samantha

Bode Bond was the grouch of the family. The one that didn’t like people and had no problem telling them that when he’d had enough. Women wanting him for his name, money or an attempt at reforming him only pissed him off more. If he wanted what his parents had, he realized it would never happen because as many had said in the past, no one would put up with him. Until Sam…

Samantha Cartwright couldn’t seem to be the person her father wanted. She wasn’t the boy he’d been longing for and she didn’t follow him into medicine like her older sisters. When work stress gets the better of her and she ends up in the ER, everyone babies her more. Including her boyfriend, Bode. He was the last person she figured would be that way when she finally found someone that seemed to understand her. Maybe she was just wrong once again. It’s not like her life wasn’t imploding around her and she’d be damned if she’d take him down with her.

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