A Romantic For Rose

Rose Bloom is the baby of the Bloom sisters. The one that was the hardest to get a read on. The one that held it all in rather than burden her sisters. She has secrets she’d rather not share and they are in her past where they belong. If they’d jaded her opinion of men, well, she didn’t have much of a favorable one since her father skipped town when she was a baby. Then why is she wondering and waiting for their sexy attorney to finally make a move toward her? Or is she just going to have to bite the bullet and make it herself?

Thomas Klein spent too much of his life trying to be someone he wasn’t. Years of having his mother lecture him to not be like his father drove him to move across the country. But his father calls and asks him to take over the family firm and finds it’s what he’s been waiting for. The minute he meets Rose Bloom, he is intrigued. Yet it’s been seven years while he’s trying to get a read on her. Maybe it was time to just be himself and make that move. If she shoots him down, then he knows he can move on, but he’d still continue to protect her and her sisters like he’s been doing for years.

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