Dr. Flynn Slater has had to work hard to get where he is in life. Looked down on as a child for not having much, he was out to make a better life for him and his mother. She’s always been there for him and he is determined to be there for her. Too bad the women he dates can’t seem to understand why he is that way and, until he finds someone that does, he is better off being single, despite his mother’s attempts to find him a mate.

Julia McNamara sure knows what it’s like to be embarrassed by her parents. Her mother goes through men like she changes her socks. Her father…he is in jail once again. Now she’s moved closer to her brother that she hasn’t had much of a relationship with for years either and they are starting over. Until he decides to be a big brother and fill-in father in her personal life. Nope. Never had it before and didn’t need his interference now. And speaking of interference…the Fierces are right there trying to meddle in her love life too. Maybe she wouldn’t mind her brother listening to them though.

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