Family Bonds- Hudson & Delaney

Delaney Hawkins couldn’t wait to put her small town in Wisconsin behind her. Thanks to her brother’s actions, people didn’t just talk behind her family’s back, but right to their faces. She was innocent of his crime but no one seemed to care. Years of trying to stay there and move on with her life weren’t working, so she lit out across the country to an island off the coast of Boston hoping to put her past drama behind her. She soon realized that wasn’t as easy as she’d hoped.

Dr. Hudson Mills was only biding his time as an ER doctor in Boston until the position opened up full time on Amore Island. He was over the violence and crimes against the innocent. The irresponsibility and selfishness of most people. The small tourist island his family founded was where he wanted to be and he was finally content helping people and not being subjected to as much sensory overload as he’d been in Boston. His professional life was right on track…too bad his personal one was taking a hit trying to find someone he felt a real connection to.

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