A Return For Ren

Zara Wolfe had her heart broken when her high school sweetheart said she wasn’t the one for him. They wanted different things in their lives and Mystic couldn’t be the place he’d live his life. She’d tried to move on but wondered if every guy she’d dated was being measured on the stick of her first love. Now he has returned and wants a second chance and she has to decide if she’s strong enough to go down that path again.

Ren Whitney had no intention of staying in Mystic and taking over the family marina. His father and he butted heads enough that at nineteen he waved his middle finger in the air and vowed never to return, which of course meant breaking the ties with Zara. With his father gone and his life being thrown an unexpected curveball, he realizes home and family are what he needs and prays he can get Zara to forgive him and find what they once had again.

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