A Journey For Jasmine

Jasmine Greene had a childhood many would dream of. Traveling the world. Learning new cultures. Experiencing things most only saw on TV. But to her, she’d lost so much and only wanted to be like others her own age. She’s on her own now, in the small town of Mystic, doing what she loves. What she is still missing out on is a relationship with a man and hopes to find it someday. It’d be on her terms though because letting others call the shots in her life is a thing of the past.

Wesley Wright tragically lost his wife and was struggling to move on with his life. When he saw the opportunity to buy a marina that he’d vacationed at with her, he took a risk and changed courses. He is terrified he is in over his head and treading carefully to stay afloat. The last thing he is ready for or thought he’d find is another woman to lose his heart to and maybe give him what he’s been needing and wanting for so long. He only has to convince her that he really is ready to let the past go.

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