Megan Harrington is the baby of the family. The oops kid that came along when her parents were getting ready to focus on college and grandkids for their other children. They tried to make her be someone she wasn’t or didn’t think she’d ever be. Then why as an adult is she still trying to win their approval or make them proud? Maybe it was time to do things her way and if that means finding a man that would shock them, then she was all in, even if she needs a little help from her matchmaking bosses.

Jonah Davenport found himself in a career that didn’t suit him. When the love of his life pushes him toward something he wasn’t comfortable with, he still gave it a try. Until it changed his life forever and she left him to pick up the pieces on his own. He’s determined that no one will ever make him feel that way again, all the while trying to hide the results of his past mistakes from his family. Until his sister’s best friend enters his life and he realizes that sometimes you can’t control it all.

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