Family Bonds- Roark & Chelsea

Roark French has put his career first for years. Ever since he got his heart broken by his first love he’s only focused on the law. He always said he’d try to find someone again, yet he couldn’t bring himself to. Work was kicking his butt so he decided to go to the family home on Amore Island for the weekend to take a break. The last thing he expected was to not be able to get his one night stand out of his head and he has no way of finding her…until fate is working in his favor. He wasn’t letting her go this time!

Chelsea Faison knows what it’s like to reinvent herself. When she discovers her younger sister is going through the same things she did, she steps in to take over for her mother. She is starting life over on Amore Island with a teenager in tow. A place she visited when she needed a break and did something she’s never done before. A one night stand. The last thing she expects is to find out that the hot guy who made her forget the drama in her life for a night not only works for the same firm as her but is her boss’s first cousin.

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