Back To Me

Cooper Winslow experienced a devastating childhood event that changed his life forever. He tried to move on the best he could but when he met who he thought would be the love of his life and she didn’t see him much more than a friend, he found it wasn’t as easy as he thought. Years later, he’s conceded he’ll never see her again and yet fate brings them back together. This time he’s going to make sure she knows how he really feels.

Morgan Finley focused more on her career than her personal life. Some of it had to do with trying to keep up with her siblings, the other was she just knew what she wanted out of life. As time goes on, she realizes that career wasn’t what she thought it was and picks up her life to start over when an old college friend offers her a job. Being around him so much now, she sees something that she couldn’t believe she missed before. Now she has to figure out how to hold onto it when doubts creep into her mind.

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