A Hero For Heather

Luke Remington has a past and childhood no one knows about and he has no plans on sharing. His military career is just one more mark against him. He’s seen and done things most women would gasp at. His new career as a State Trooper is just another slot in time that most women can’t handle. In his eyes, he’ll never be good enough for someone, so might as well be married to his job. Until he meets someone that he actually wants to try with. If he can work up the courage to let her in.

Heather Davis has never been good enough in her parents’ eyes. She couldn’t be what they wanted so she moved and decided to do what made her happy. Luke brings things out of her that no man has ever done before. Like a one-night stand at her boss’s wedding. When he arrives back in town to stay, she wonders if there is any way she could be the woman for him and wiggle her way into his complex life.

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