Excerpt… From Road to Recovery

In an ongoing attempt to reach my goal/objectives listed on my Resolutions…Not Quite…post, I decided to post a little excerpt from Road to Recovery.

This portion of the book comes from the Chapter titled Unbalanced. I’m a little quirky—and by quirky I mean OCD—in that all my books have chapter names rather than numbers. Why, do you ask? Easy, if I decide to add or delete a chapter I don’t have to renumber everything. See, simple, not quirky or OCD at all.

You can buy Road to Recovery on Amazon

So, without further ado, as promised….

         Lucas had waged an internal debate all day Sunday. He hadn’t wanted to pressure Brooke. He wanted her to make the next move. But by the time he was in bed last night, he realized that wasn’t going to happen. Not willing to risk all that he gained the day before at the mall, he finally caved and contacted her first—and was glad he did.
        But all it served was to increase his need to see her again, making him rush out the door earlier than normal on a Monday morning.
        Now, glancing at his watch, he knew she was most likely already at her desk working. Maybe he could think of an excuse to go visit her now. When she stepped in the elevator right as it was closing, he thought fate was on his side.
        She made eye contact with him, her eyes softened, and a bright smile started to spread across her face before she caught herself and stopped.
        As more people started to enter behind her, he decided to have a little fun with her. He reached down, tugged at the shoulder strap of her purse.
        Looking over sharply, she sent him a warning glance. He continued to look at her innocently, raised an eyebrow, and whispered, “Sorry.”
        She composed herself, looked toward the front of the elevator, and ignored him.
        He lifted his hand, touched hers slightly. Before she could jerk her hand away, which would no doubt have some heads turning, most likely what she was trying to avoid, he hooked his pinky around hers, held on tight and grinned. He soothed the pulse beating at the base of her wrist as his thumb stroked her and saw her head move around the elevator to see if anyone noticed them, but no one could see them in the back.
       Then she looked over at him once more with another warning glare. He added a wiggle of his eyebrows to his grin.  “What?” he asked.
       She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. He saw the corner of her mouth lift slightly, then settle back before she could grin.
       The elevator reached their floor, and everyone started to move toward their destinations. As she went to a take step, he held on tighter, made her look over at him again.
       “Bye,” he mouthed, then his finger released hers.

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