A Piece Of My Heart…

Book 3 in the Road Series, Road to Reality, holds a big piece of my  heart.

If you’ve read my blog post Inspirations and My Dog, then you know Roxy is a combination of the two boxers that I’ve owned.

Well in Road to Reality, there is one character that is part of my life in a very special way.  Zoe, the three-year old daughter of Beth.

You see, Zoe is actually largely based on my best friend, Lori’s, daughter, Hailey.  Not all of her, but a good part of her personality is portrayed in the book. Especially the part about playing dress up, and always cuddling into my shoulder/neck when I pick her up.  That is one of my favorite traits! They are so similar in my mind at times, that sometimes I catch myself calling her Zoe rather than Hailey.

My connection to Hailey runs deep. How could it not when I was at the ultrasound appointment when we found out Lori was having girl? Or when I gazed at her big—she was over 10 lbs—wrinkly form in the hospital bassinet right after delivery.

I often refer to Hailey as ‘my baby girl’ when talking about her.  I’ve even gone so far as to joke that Lori and I are Hailey’s parents and her husband really didn’t have much to do with it.  Of course, we know he had a large part in it, so I guess I better say, “Thanks Shane.” But just the same, she will always be my little girl.

Do you want to see a picture of my baby girl? I know you do. So here are two of my favorite pictures, and tell me if you don’t recognize the traits.

DSC_0727        DSC_0142

Hailey is one hundred percent a little girl. She loves to dress up, loves to put clips in her hair, but most of all loves it when I paint her nails for her.

Even this weekend when I was visiting she brought out the nail polish and asked me to redo her nails.

So, Hailey, when you get older, I hope you read this and realize how much your ‘auntie’ loves you!

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