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As many of you know I entered Fierce-Brody into the Kindle Scout program last month. Although I got a lot of great and complimentary feedback, it wasn’t selected for a publishing contract. It is however, up for pre-order right now!!


A little over 3 years ago I published my first book. Road to Recovery. It was the start of a 4 book series, called the Road Series centered around the Mathews’ Clan. By the way it’s a permafree book so download a copy and check it out!

By time I got to the 4th book, Road to Reason, I started to love my supporting characters so much, that I formulated a spin off series called the All Series that would focus on the Harper Clan.

The best way to blend these two series was to have one Mathews and one Harper…fall in love. So in Road to Reason, playboy Ryan Mathews meets his match with Kaitlin Harper. Not only does she give him a run for his money, but he has to deal with her 3 older brothers! Fast forward 3 years and I decided to put together a novella on how the Mathews’ and the Harper’s actually met way back in the day…starting with their parents.

All for Love- Road to Romance is just 99 cents.

All for Love is in included in a new Sweet and Sassy Valentine boxed set that is available for pre-order on Amazon now. Just 99 cents! 12 authors! 12 stories of love and romance!

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Also, Road to Redemption will be included in another boxed set called A Valentine She’ll Remember that is available for pre-order too. Just 99 cents!

Valentine Collection

It still amazes me that in 3 years’ time I’ve published 3 series, totaling 16 books. And I’ve got 2 other series that will be published in 2018.

So that old saying of ‘time flies when you’re having fun’ can definitely ring true for me. Because right now, I’m having a blast! Bring on 2018!

You can follow along with what I’m doing here:







All for Love – Prologue

For those of you that have read the Road and the All Series, you know all about William and Isabel Harper. Wouldn’t you love to know how they met?

Well now you can in All for Love-Road to Romance.

All for Love

I loved writing this book after I already wrote about their kids. I hope you enjoy it too!


William Harper looked up at his wife of more years than he could count when she walked into the room. If she’d asked him the number, he could tell her—just like he could tell her anything about their lives—but he liked to pretend he couldn’t and watch the fire leap into her eyes.

She handed him a beer, then set her wine glass down and crawled into his lap, leaning against his chest while he pushed back the bottom of his recliner. It was a nighttime ritual for them. Relaxing together at the end of their day.

To this day, he still loved to feel her in his arms—to hold her tight and think back to the time when he thought he wouldn’t be able to have her. That he’d never be good enough.

“What are you thinking?” she asked, lying her head against his chest and snuggling in some more. It was a move that touched him just as much today as it did so long ago.

“Just thinking about the beautiful woman on my lap right now. That fills my head so that nothing else can occupy it.”

“You always were a smooth one,” she said, kissing his neck. “Well, maybe not in the beginning, but then you got your confidence.”

He laughed, loving how she picked on him. “And you fell for it all. Hook, line, and sinker. I tossed the line and reeled you in good and strong.”

“You keep trying to tell yourself that.” She ran her hand lovingly up and down his thigh, then sighed.

“What’s wrong?” He knew her better than he knew himself at times. She’d been a little sad lately, and that was completely unlike her.

“I spent the day with Michele and we were talking about the kids.” Michele Mathews was Isabel’s best friend and when they weren’t actually together in their free time, they were still chatting some way or another.

“Thomas mentioned something about Lucas dating a new girl that just moved to the area. Has him all twisted around.” Thomas Mathews was more than William’s best friend. He was the man who helped him build his life. The life he’d always wanted and the life that he’d been able to provide for his wife and four children. The life he’d thought he needed to win Isabel over. Turned out all he needed was to love her.

Isabel heaved a big sigh again and he had a feeling where this was going. “She thinks there might be a wedding around the corner.”

“I heard that, too. They’ve got to be thrilled.”

“She is. When are our kids going to settle down? The boys are in their thirties. Kaitlin close behind. Someone should be married by now, don’t you think?”

It would be unwise to laugh at his wife, so he didn’t. He wanted to, but knew better. “Plenty of time yet. Don’t be pushing them into something they aren’t ready for.”

“Ready? Aside from Phil, not one of them is even dating someone. And if Phil thinks of marrying that girl, I’ll put my foot down.”

“I don’t think Phil is even considering it, no matter how much people are talking about it. What’s this really about?” he asked. There had to be more.

“I want grandkids. At Alec and Phil’s age, we were married and had all four of them.”

“Times are different now and you know that. Ben just got home and he is nowhere near ready to settle down. Alec is out having too much fun. Phil is searching for something he can’t seem to find, and no one can help him. And Kaitlin is too busy building her career. Relax. It will happen when it does.”

“You’re right. I know you are. I just want it to happen now.”

“You’ve always been impatient,” he said, his hand roaming under her shirt. Her skin was still as soft and smooth as it was all those years ago.

She turned and put her lips on his. “And you’ve always loved it. Do you remember the first night we met?”

“Luckiest night of my life. I’ll never forget it.”

“That’s sweet. Guess it was luck for me too that no one stole my purse.”

“You’ve never lost it again, either. Or left it anywhere. Guess you learned your lesson that night.”

“Oh, I learned it, all right,” she said, turning around and straddling his hips. “I learned that sexy bartenders have their eyes on everything going on in the bar at all times.”

“How else would I have known where you left it? Or who it belonged to?” She was doing a good job distracting him.

She pulled the beer out of his hand, the one he hadn’t even taken a sip of, and put it next to her untouched wine. “Why don’t you show me what you wanted to do to me that night but were too afraid to? No one’s watching now. Just like no one was back then.”

He didn’t need to be told twice, and slid her off his lap, standing up next to her. “Let’s go upstairs.”

She laughed, the same sexy laugh she had that night, and all his brain matter settled into his pants. “We aren’t some old couple that needs to go to our room. We’ve got a whole empty house to ourselves. Where do you want to start?”

That woman he fell in love with all those years ago had only gotten better with age. She was still sweet and soft, rebellious and adventurous, and she was all his, thanks to a lost purse on a cold winter night.

All for Love

All for Love

Have you ever wondered how William and Isabel met? Or how the Mathews and the Harpers got to be such close friends?

Well now you can. Here it is. Where it all started. Introducing William and Isabel Harper!

A lost purse. A forbidden love. A bond forged through the test of time.

On a cold lonely winter night, William Harper hurried to close the bar he was working at when he heard a tap on the window. Pushing the curtain aside, he gazed into the eyes of his future. It was a dream he desperately wanted, only he knew it was just out of reach.

Isabel Carmichael had been under her father’s thumb for way too long. As an adult, it was time to take control and go after what she wanted. Roadblocks, obstacles, and a stubborn man who thought he wasn’t good enough were not going to stand in her way of happiness.

Available for Pre-order now! Release date January 16, 2018.

Time For More All Series

Trying something new is always fun, exciting, and a little distressing for me.

The ‘new and exciting’ thing that I decided to try my hand at is a novella. What’s that, you ask? Well it’s a story that is less than 40K words long. The bulk of my books are over 80K words, so that gives you an idea of how fast of a read this may be.

Since so many people have asked me if I’d write more books in the All Series, I figured my first novella could be…drum roll… All For Love. The story of William and Isabel Harper and how it all started.

By writing about a family I’m so attached to, it took away a bulk of the ‘distressing’ for me. I’m halfway through and though I’ve found it challenging to write a book set in the ‘past’, it starts out in the present time. Sort of. It’s right before Kaitlin and Ryan’s story, Road to Reason, to be exact.

I think it’s going to be a nice bridge to bring the Road Series and the All Series together more than they already are. Didn’t you ever wonder how the Harper’s and Mathews’ came to be such good friends? Or what Isabel was like in her twenties? You’re soon going to find out!

So keep your eyes open. If all goes well, I’m hoping to have the book ready for publication before Valentine’s Day. Because you know…hearts and flowers and…love. All For Love!

Two Years Ago

Two years ago this month my first book Road to Recovery was published. You can read about my excitement (and nervousness) here.

Rather than bore you with all the comings and goings of the last two years, I’m going to summarize how I did.

I’ve published 11 books within 3 different series!

The Road Series is 4 books.

The All Series is 6 books.

The Lake Placid Series had it first book published today! Second Chance.

I’ve sold over 12,000 copies, had over 137,000 free downloads and 37,000 books borrowed through Kindle Unlimited.

That’s not Best Seller numbers, but it’s pretty great in my eyes.

The bulk of my income has come from Kindle Unlimited. Now many authors are experiencing issues with the way book pages are being counting by Amazon and in November and December we are seeing significantly lower numbers. Fingers crossed their algorithm gets adjusted or corrected soon, but in the meantime, I’m thrilled with how the last two years have gone.

Here’s to the next two years, and with any luck, maybe I’ll hit the Best Seller list with one of my books!!

The Road Series

Now that I’ve got two series published, I thought I’d do a post with all the titles and characters in one place.

My first series consisted of four books that can be purchased on Amazon. 

These books can be read as a stand alone, but are more fun read as a series.

Book One

Road To Recovery – Lucas Mathews and Brooke Malone


Book Two

Road To Redemption – Jack Reynolds and Cori Summers


Book Three

Road to Reality – Mac Malone and Beth Campbell


Book Four

Road To Reason – Ryan Mathews and Kaitlyn Harper


Out of this series comes another series, the All Series. In Road to Reality you meet a few of the Harper brothers. Their sister Kaitlin is the heroine in Road to Reason. I loved the Harper brothers so much I had to give them their own series, along with a few of their friends.

If you’d like to be an ARC Reader on any of my new books, please check this post out for deals.

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Character Flaws…

I’ve received the most comments about Cori Summers, the heroine in Road to Redemption.

Cori has been one of my favorite characters to write. She is someone who you either love, or annoys the heck out of you. I get that and wrote her exactly that way. She is all about happiness, almost pesky-like, annoyingly so. And when people tell me she sort of gets on their nerves with her energy and enthusiasm in life, then I know I wrote her well!

I wanted her to be like that. She’s a sweetheart underneath all that hyper activity. She has a heart of gold—or maybe it’s made out of chocolate and caffeine. She is the complete opposite of Brooke in Road to Recovery, which helps bring Brooke out of her shell. And she is exactly what Jack needs in his life. In another words, she is his perfect match.

So you see, even though some people thought Cori had a few character flaws, there were just as many who thought she was a riot and bought the second book just to read her story.

To this day, I still love writing her. She makes an appearance in all the books going forward, but just brief glimpses. Of all my characters, she is the one I see the strongest in my mind and find writing about the most enjoyable.

One word to describe Cori…FUN. She is all about fun. To read, and to write.

As always, if you’d like to be considered as an ARC Reader, check out this post for the requirements.

Road to Reason


Determined, goal-oriented Kaitlin Harper has managed to achieve most everything she has set her sights on, with the exception of one thing. No matter how hard she’s tried, or how much she’s changed, she can’t seem to fulfill the one remaining goal at this point in her life. And now it seems that goal is further out of her reach than ever before.

Attorney Ryan Mathews is a known playboy. Many have tried to tame him, but he’s always managed to slip out of their grasp. Of course there is a reason for everything he does. A reason he has kept a secret from everyone.

Ryan may be the answer to Kaitlin’s problem, but at what cost?

Find Road to Reason on Amazon.

A Piece Of My Heart…

Book 3 in the Road Series, Road to Reality, holds a big piece of my  heart.

If you’ve read my blog post Inspirations and My Dog, then you know Roxy is a combination of the two boxers that I’ve owned.

Well in Road to Reality, there is one character that is part of my life in a very special way.  Zoe, the three-year old daughter of Beth.

You see, Zoe is actually largely based on my best friend, Lori’s, daughter, Hailey.  Not all of her, but a good part of her personality is portrayed in the book. Especially the part about playing dress up, and always cuddling into my shoulder/neck when I pick her up.  That is one of my favorite traits! They are so similar in my mind at times, that sometimes I catch myself calling her Zoe rather than Hailey.

My connection to Hailey runs deep. How could it not when I was at the ultrasound appointment when we found out Lori was having girl? Or when I gazed at her big—she was over 10 lbs—wrinkly form in the hospital bassinet right after delivery.

I often refer to Hailey as ‘my baby girl’ when talking about her.  I’ve even gone so far as to joke that Lori and I are Hailey’s parents and her husband really didn’t have much to do with it.  Of course, we know he had a large part in it, so I guess I better say, “Thanks Shane.” But just the same, she will always be my little girl.

Do you want to see a picture of my baby girl? I know you do. So here are two of my favorite pictures, and tell me if you don’t recognize the traits.

DSC_0727        DSC_0142

Hailey is one hundred percent a little girl. She loves to dress up, loves to put clips in her hair, but most of all loves it when I paint her nails for her.

Even this weekend when I was visiting she brought out the nail polish and asked me to redo her nails.

So, Hailey, when you get older, I hope you read this and realize how much your ‘auntie’ loves you!

Road to Reality


Beth Campbell grew up poor. The kind of poor that people only hear of but never actually see—the dirty-no-electricity-in-the-winter kind of poor. But she had brains, grit, and determination. She was making a better life for herself, until she met a man—and made a mistake.

Now at age twenty-five she’s a single mother working hard once again, making a better life for herself and her three-year-old daughter, Zoe. She’s learned from her mistakes and is focusing on the right things. No more wishful dreams for her.

Dr. Mac Malone was minding his own business on his daily run when he heard a child’s scream. Before he knew it, he was Zoe Campbell’s savior. Falling in love with the little girl was easy. Convincing her mother he really was a good guy was something altogether different. Can he help Beth learn to trust again?

You can buy the book here on Amazon