Rounding the Bend

Just a quick update.

Road to Reason is at the proofreaders as I type. My goal is to have the book published no later than mid April.

All or Nothing, my first book in the All Series—Ben Harper’s story—has been though a few edits and is quietly sitting aside while I finish up my first round of edits on All of Me—Phil Harper’s story. Then I’ll go back and play around with Ben’s story some more. I find it’s better to let a story sit for a bit and return to it.

I just scheduled some dates in May for Ben’s story to make its way to the editor. My goal is to have it published around July 1, 2015.  I have to say I’m more than pleased with how Ben’s story evolved, then wrapped up.

My original plan was to have the All Series be three books, Ben, Phil and Alec Harper.  But interestingly enough, another character was introduced in All of Me and I might have just lined myself up for a fourth book somewhere in the future.  It was totally unexpected, but I love when that happens.

Matter of fact, that is how the All Series came about.  While writing Road to Reality, Lucas and Mac were talking about the contractors working on Mac’s house, and I threw in they grew up with Lucas. Then one thing led to another and it was three brothers and their younger sister—The Harper Clan. You will discover that Kaitlin is the heroine in Road to Reason, and the Harper brothers are very protective of their baby sister.

Sometime in May I will probably start drafting All the Way—Alec’s story.  I like to have 1-2 drafts completed before I work on another story.  This allows me to let one sit and stew for a bit while continuing to keep the creative juices flowing.

So there you go, rounding the bend into the spring with lots going on.

As always, I would love a review of any of my books you’ve read.

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