Excerpt for Road to Reason

Road to Reason should be released soon, by the end of the week with any luck.  But until then, here is a little teaser.  This is from the Chapter named Speechless between Ryan Mathews and Kaitlin Harper.

One of the things I love about this book so much—it’s an introduction to the next series about the Harper brothers!  Stay tuned, more on them soon.

Without further ado, here is a little excerpt from Ryan’s POV…as you know, Ryan is a playboy!

She took a deep breath, pausing while she looked at him, a bit of nervousness evident behind her eyes. “Could you stay the night with me?”

A quick surge of heat rushed through his body, but he pushed it back. “The power should be back on soon. I’ll stay until then. If it doesn’t I could stay the night if you want.” He looked around the living room and noticed a few doors down a hall, assuming she had another bedroom. “I could stay on the couch if you don’t have another bed.”

She pursed her lips. “I meant even if the power comes back on.”

He looked at her for a moment and wished she wasn’t a family friend while he nudged the thoughts out of his mind that came with her loaded question.

Then he noted the flush on her face. She must still be afraid, he thought. He would focus on that. It was the least he could do.

As much of a playboy as he was, he was raised right; he would help a friend in need. Even if that friend was extremely sexy and clueless as to what she was asking of him. “Not a problem. The couch looks big enough.”

She grunted. “You don’t have to stay on the couch,” she offered with a grin and a flutter of her eyes.

What was wrong with her? Her words weren’t in sync with the look on her face. She looked scared to death through her smile. And why was she blinking so rapidly? “Oh, you’ve got a guest room. Good, I’m sure the bed will be more comfortable than the couch,” he added politely.

She huffed out a breath, picking at imaginary lint on her leg. “Ah, I mean in my room.”

A punch went straight to his gut, more so when he saw the blush start to creep up her face. She was killing him right now. “You don’t have to give your bed up for me. The couch is fine.” He hoped his voice didn’t sound as strained as it felt.

She groaned, then said with conviction, “No. I mean share my bed with me. I’m asking if you would stay with me tonight. In my bed. With me. Together.”

He was speechless. And for some reason her face was a deep shade of scarlet. If she were anyone else, he would have picked her up and carried her right to her room the first time she asked him to stay the night.

He would love nothing more than to do that now. But he couldn’t. It would be too awkward later on. He didn’t picture her as a one-night-stand type of girl. Even now he could see she was completely embarrassed.

“Ah, I’m not sure it’s a good idea,” he said, hedging. What was he supposed to say? That he would love nothing more than to spend the night in her bed making love to her all night long and into the morning? That he couldn’t wait to peel her out of her suit and get his hands on the luscious curves underneath?

“Why not?” She narrowed her eyes, crossing her arms in front of her chest.

She wasn’t going to make it easy for him. He saw the change come over her features. He insulted her, and he hadn’t meant to. The least he could do was fix that. “It’s not you. If you were anyone else I wouldn’t hesitate. Believe me when I say that,” he said earnestly.

“What does that mean?” she asked, her eyebrows drawing together in confusion.

Did she not understand the rules? You just didn’t sleep with a friend’s sister because you were attracted to her.

At least he didn’t. Even if she was the one who was coming on to him. “It means that it would be awkward afterward. Our parents are friends. I’m friends with your brothers.” He tried to joke with her, lighten the mood. “I value my life too much if they were to find out.”

“They don’t need to know. I won’t tell them. You won’t, will you?” she asked, urgently.

“There won’t be anything to tell them, because it’s not going to happen,” he stated firmly.

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