All I Want

All I Want(2)

Carly Springfield is the epitome of the girl next door—wholesome and sweet—she fits the image of an elementary school teacher perfectly. She loves kids and volunteers in the community in her spare time. To most people, it might seem like she has a great life, only she has demons in her closet. Big scary nightmares about her past that threaten her future chance at happiness, forcing her to always look over her shoulder.

Sean Callahan loves his job as CFO of Harper Construction. He’s laid back, funny and always willing to lend a hand. As the youngest child from a big Irish family, he’s used to being waited on hand and foot, not that he ever wants that. He had to leave his hometown just to prove he could stand on his own two feet—prove to his family he was an adult.

When Carly walks into his office one day, he realizes that all he ever wanted is standing right in front of him. The only problem is she’s skittish, almost fragile. Coming from a family full of strong independent women, he isn’t sure how to handle her, or if she even wants to be handled.

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