Settling In

I’ve talked about my move over the last few months, but in the last few weeks, we’ve sealed the deal. We moved the rest of our belongings into our new house about an hour away, and we closed on our old house three days after that.

I took a week and a half off figuring it’d only take me a few days to get settled and then I could spend the rest of my vacation writing.

Boy was I wrong!! That first night here, I didn’t go to bed until the last box was unpacked. I thought that was the biggest hurdle. Nope, because then we had to decorate. And then I decided I needed to refinish my mother’s dining room table that was handed down to me.

When it was all said and done, I used every single day of my vacation working on the house. That dang dining room table took almost three days alone!

On Monday, I started back to work in my new position. I’m working from home, and driving back to my old office an hour away once a week. I’ll also have meetings here in there at other sites, but for the most part, I roll out of bed, shower, eat and get to work.

So what does this mean in regards to my writing? Well, the goal I set for myself to finish a new book in the month of June didn’t work out. But I’m close. And I WILL get it done within the week, I know.

I have plans to enter that new book in the Kindle Scout program…I think. I’ve got time before it goes for it’s first round of edits to make that final decision.

Until then, I’m going to start working on the fifth book in the Lake Placid Series, Last Chance.  This will feature Riley Hamilton (Max Hamilton’s sister from Give Me A Chance) and Sheriff Trevor Miles.

Stay tuned for more. But right now, I need to get writing!


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