Something New

The book market is hard. Have you heard that before? Well it is! So to keep up, you need to jump on some bandwagons.

First let me preference this by saying that I will continue writing like I always do. The Lake Placid Series will go on. Matter of fact, I just finished the draft of the fifth book in that series and plan on starting the sixth in a few weeks.

Now back to my ‘something new’ post. I’ve never been much of a follower, I’ve always preferred to do my own thing and see how it goes. In the last two years, my thing has done pretty darn good. But now, well now, people want vampires and bad boy billionaires, step brothers and kinky things that make me blush thinking of, let alone trying to write. They want sexy naked guys on covers, or women in compromising positions.

Where does that leave me?

I’m trying my hand at a new series. Something a little bit different. Not major, but a teeny weenie change just the same. I’m going to brand my covers with some more ‘edge’ for this series. Maybe throw a sexy guy on the cover if one catches my eye. I tried to write a big bad tough hero that would make you think ‘jerk’ then love him later. But I seem to struggle with making my leads be too much of a jerk, so as much as I tried, he’s just not an ‘ass’. There are some toolbag, jackass moments, but nothing to make you blush or want to take a swing at the fellow.

These books will be shorter. Most of my books are 80-90K words. But this series is going to be somewhere between 65-70K words. Not short stories, but not completely drawn out either. More fast paced, maybe.

I’m even considering entering this first book into the Kindle Scout program. I’ll blog on that another time once I make up my mind.

Do you want to know what this series is about? Sure you do, because you’re loyal followers.

It’s called the Fierce Five Series. Sounds nice and strong, huh?

There’s Brody, Aiden, Mason, Cade and Ella. They’re thirty-year old quintuplets now running the family business. Jolene and Gavin Fierce (their parents) wanted to retire. What goes hand in hand with retirement? Grandkids! And what better way for that to happen than for Mama to set them all up… unbeknownst to them, of course.

So while this is a little curve in the road from my normal stories, it’s not all that much of a different trip. It’s still a happy ever after love story, but it’s going to be a bit sexier, a bit funner (yeah it’s a word and my husband says it all the time, so I had to use it just now), and a bit more head-butting between the leads.

The first book is Brody and he met his match with Aimee. And that’s all I’m going to tell you for now.

Keep your eyes open for more posts. I’m also going to try to do some more blogging. I know, promises, promises.

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