Fierce- Ivan

Kendra Key’s life was flipped upside down when her parents divorced leaving her to care for her mother who was slowly going blind. Her trust and faith in men were shattered when she was forced to be an adult all the while attending high school and college. Life is stable…finally. Now her mother wants her to find some happiness and live her life like a normal twenty-eight-year-old, but she isn’t so sure she can find someone who will understand that she’s a package deal and has no intention of changing that.

Ivan Andrews is his Aunt Jolene’s next target in her matchmaking scheme. She is batting a thousand and he knows there is only so long he can avoid her attempts. He set his sights on Kendra from the minute she was hired at Fierce but told himself to sit tight and look at all the angles. He’s never been one to rush into anything in life. Over a year later, it’s confirmed in his mind, his aunt has Kendra picked out for him, but he decides he’s doing it on his terms and hopes to hell he isn’t the first failure of the group.

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