Status Update…

Just a quick update on what I’m working on…

Road to Reality is currently at the editors for the final proofread and with any luck will be released by the end of January…fingers crossed.

I’m currently running through another edit of Road to Reason, the last book in the Road Series. Yes ladies, this book is all about Ryan. I know you’ve been waiting to see this playboy be taken down, and let me tell you it was fun to bring him to his knees! My goal is to have it released in the Spring. I will be scheduling time with the editor soon.

Exciting news, in Road to Reality you will be introduced to the Harper Brothers…and of course, they are getting their own spin-off series. I just finished the first draft of All or Nothing. My goal is to have that book published mid-summer.

Within the next few weeks I hope to start on the draft of All of Me. This story has been busting at the seams in my brain and I’m dying to get started on it.

Since I’ve mentioned before I’m OCD, I’m going to give out a little easy timeline of things to come. Hope you are looking forward to everything!

Road to Reality–  Mac Malone & Beth Campbell – release date end of January 2015

Road to Reason– Ryan Mathews & Kaitlyn Harper – tentative release date Spring 2015

All or Nothing– Ben Harper & Presley James – tentative release date Summer 2015

All of Me – Phil Harper & Sophia Mansfield – tentative release date Fall 2015

All the Way – Alec Harper & Brynn Palmer – tentative release date Winter 2015

I would love it if you’d leave me a review on Amazon for any of my books you’ve read!  And if you are interested in being an ARC reader in exchange for an honest review, contact me.

Resolutions….Not Quite…

I’m not a New Year’s Resolution type of girl. Not even sure where that originated from, or why people wait until the first of the year to say they are going to make a change. But that’s neither here nor there.  So, I’m going to set goals and objectives, or better yet, things that are to come.

I’ve been asked if any of the characters in my books are of actual people I know, or even myself. The answer to that, is no, not 100%—just bits and pieces. But any of the characters who are OCD…well that is me! Completely, utterly me.

So here we go—five goals/objectives/things to come. And of those who know me personally, you know I can’t have a list that doesn’t end with a 5 or 0…it’s that OCD thing again. When I see a list that ends in anything other than a 0 or 5 I want to shout, “Seriously, you couldn’t think of more, or take something off?!”

1. Average one blog post a week—I put this at the top, because I think it’s going to be the hardest for me. Even though I like to talk, I’m not sure I actually have anything to say.
2. Research and start promoting my books more—I’m great at research, just not so great at pulling the trigger. But it’s a goal of mine, and I’m determined to meet it.
3. Publish 4 books this year—actually this one should be easy. I’ve got 1 book scheduled to be published in late January, and 2 drafts completed already. Want to know what they are? Sorry,  I’m waiting until next week, then I can meet my first goal and have my next blog post ready to go.
4. Start reading different authors. There are some wonderful authors out there and I need to expand my horizons and branch out. So if you know of some great authors, pass them on. I plan on doing that, then spreading the word on some of those books. (see, possible blogs posts to help me meet the first goal)
5. Stop eating liver—sorry, I needed a 5th goal since I couldn’t take anything off the list in order to meet the OCD issue I mentioned above. Besides, this one I know I will  succeed at, thrive actually. I’ve never eaten liver before and the thought, not to mention the sight, of it makes me gag.

So there you go…the start of 2015 for me!

Inspirations and my dog…

Well…I did it. I published my second book.  My goal was three books by the end of the year, but time doesn’t always work in my favor.  But rest assured, my third book Road to Reality will be released late January—fingers crossed.

But Book Two of my Road Series, Road to Redemption…well that book was just plain FUN to write!  Cori is that girl you always wanted to be friends with, of course she is friends with everyone.  And she is all about fun.  I often found myself giggling during her character development. The things she says and her mannerisms are a riot.  And let’s not forgot the food, that girl likes to eat.

Then there’s Jack.  Tall, dark, handsome, smart and completely awkward.  Cori knocks him on his butt…hard. But boy was it fun to watch his fall.

That brings me to my inspiration for this story.  I heard this song on Pandora one day and the words just stuck.  Then ended up being Cori and Jack’s love song, what brought them together. I listened to this song over and over while I wrote, and it seemed to sum up Jack’s character perfectly by the end of the book.  Listen and tell me if you don’t agree.  “Amazed” by Lonestar

And what is this about my dog, do you ask? Well, lonely old Jack has a dog.  A boxer.  Any boxer owner will tell you this breed is loyal to the end. Along with almost being half human with their emotions and facial expressions, not to mention actions.

Jack’s boxer is a mixture of the two boxers I’ve owned.  Mostly my current boxer, she’s a female too.  And a tad bit needy. But the feather chapter in the book, well that was all my male boxer—100% it happened to me, not my bed pillows but rather a couch cushion! So yes, all the stories, mannerisms, and actions of Roxy in this story are related to incidents I’ve lived through.

No, the dog on the cover isn’t my boxer, but it’s really close.  This is my boxer, Indy. Isn’t she a beauty!


So there you go, my inspiration and my dog. All wrapped up into one.  Be on the lookout for Book Three Road to Reality and a post regarding my inspiration there.  Hint hint, a little 3 year old in my life.