It’s Not Me…

I’ve been asked where the ideas for my stories come from. Or how I come up with everything I write.  I’m sure lots of authors are asked this question, or something similar.

There really isn’t an easy answer.  Or at least one I can explain so easily.  For me, it just happens. I’ve always had a vivid imagination.  I was one of those kids that talked to myself all the time.  Some will say I still do. Even if I’m not aware of it.  But in actuality, I’m not talking to myself, but rather to the people in my head. Or adventures going on in my head. No, I’m not crazy, really I’m not.  Despite what some of my friends and family may say. Snicker snicker.

Do I take minor things from my real life and incorporate them into my stories? Of course I do. Little things, nothing major.  For example, if you’ve read Road to Redemption, then you know all about Roxy.  And Roxy is really all about a combination of the two boxers I’ve owned.

In Road to RealityZoe is largely based on my best friend’s daughter Hailey.  She was my big inspiration, or like I say, a piece of my heart.  But Zoe isn’t actually Hailey. Not at all.

I will say though, I don’t write about anything really personal or private in my life.  Pleeeeease, would I really write things that go on in my own home that are private? Whether it’s innocent or not? The answer is no! No way.  Everything is just part of the story. Part of what I want that character or who I perceive that character to be.

I have to say, never once have I read any book and thought, “Boy that author has a wild and adventuous life.”  Nope, it never even crosses my mind. I think it’s nothing more than a story. Like a movie. A script. An idea. It doesn’t mean the author did it, or does it, or ever wants to do it. It’s fiction. It’s called entertainment.

And that is what my books are all about.  Entertainment. An escape from reality.  My own reality when I’m writing them. And I hope the reality for those reading them.  I want to entertain you. I want you to read my books and wish you knew these people.  Wish they were your friends or neighbors and you cared about them. That you couldn’t wait to hear about the next big news going on in their lives. Because that is how I feel about them when I’m writing.

So when it comes down to it all, no, it’s not me in these books. Not at all.

As always, if you would like to find out how to receive free books, just read this post. And of course, you know I love to hear from you and read your feedback!

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