Five Fun Facts

I thought I would give five fun facts regarding the Road Series.

1. Road to Recovery – The first book I’ve published.  That’s not the fun fact. The fun fact is I decided on the Albany Medical Center location while sitting in the waiting room with my son for his doctor’s appointment.

2. Road to Redemption – Jack Reynolds was originally written as Max Reynolds. But I realized Max and Mac were too close together. So Jack it was!

3. Road to Redemption – Jack’s dog, Roxy, is actually a combination of the two boxers I’ve owned.  One male named Calloway and one female named Indy. (who we still have) You can read more about her here.

4. Road to Reality – Of course being a Pediatrician, Mac had to have a child featured in his story. So I used the likeness from  my best friend’s daughter, Hailey.  She is and will always have a piece of my heart.

5. Road to Reason – Two of my favorite scenes of all time happened in this book.  First, when Kaitlin was telling her brother Ben about her relationship with Ryan.  I still giggle when I read that.  And second, when Kaitlin came home a little tipsy from Cori’s bachelorette party. That scene just cracks me up!

Coming soon, my new series, the All Series.  Starting off with All or Nothing.  The story of none other than Ben Harper. The hot ex-Navy SEAL that was mentioned in my fifth fun fact.

As always, if you’ve read one of my books, I would love to hear your thoughts in a review. Or contact me personally.  And if you are interested, read how you can receive a free book.

I hope you enjoyed the Road Series and that you enjoy the All Series even more!!  This series will have at minimum four books and possibly six.  I’m leaning toward the six mark!

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