Moving Along

With summer comes new ideas and expansions.  By this, I mean my All Series.  You can read more about the All Series in this post.

I had originally figured this would be a 3 book series focusing on the Harper Brothers.  You’ll briefly meet Alec and Ben Harper in Road to Reality. Then in Road to Reason, you will learn more about Phil, as well as Alec and Ben when their sister Kaitlin falls in love with Ryan Mathews.  Like most older brothers, they are very protective of their baby sister!

As luck would have it, my mind started to wander while writing All Of Me and the next thing I knew I had a slew of new characters running through my brain!  Who are the other 3 hero/heroines, you ask? Well, for now I’m going to keep that a tiny little secret.  I will tell you one of the heroes is introduced in my second book of the All Series, All Of Me.

The remaining characters (or at least half of the hero/heroines in the future books) will be introduced in All the Way.  I just finished my rough draft of the manuscript for Alec’s story.  My goal is to have a release date sometime in December.  It’s set to go for the first round of editing in the beginning of October.

Stay tuned for more information!

If you’d like to be an ARC reader and receive a free copy of my books prior to the release date, check out this post for more information!

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