Expanding the Series…

Just a quick little update to keep everyone informed.

All Of Me will be released soon!!! I just shipped it off to the proofreader this morning, and my goal is to have it published around the first of September. If you would like an ARC prior to the release in exchange for an honest review on Amazon, please contact me.

In the mean time, All The Way is set to go to the editor’s on October 1st for the first round of editing. My goal there is to have it released early to mid December. So stay tuned for more information on Alec’s story.

While all of that is going on, I’m about a quarter of the way through All I Want. This is the story of Sean Callahan and Carly Springfield. Sean is introduced in All Of Me. Carly will make her first appearance in All The Way.

The remaining characters for the final two books of the series will remain a secret for now. You’ll find out more about them in Alec’s story, All The Way, in December.  But guess what? I’ll tell you the titles just as a teaser. All My Love, and All About You.

Stay tuned!!

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