Lake Placid Summary

In the past I’ve done a summary post on the All Series and the Road Series. I figured it was time to do one for the Lake Placid Series also.

Like all my series, the characters will start to weave in and out and become a six degrees of separation type of thing. It seems that is how my mind works no matter how many times I try something different. But as always my books can all be read as a stand alone. Even if you don’t know the characters from other books, you’ll understand enough to make sense for the book you’re reading.

Second Chance. Book one with Nick Buchanan and Mallory Denning. Available at Amazon.


Give Me A Chance. Book two with Max Hamilton and Quinn Baker. Available at Amazon.


Our Chance. Book three with Caleb Ryder and Celeste McGuire. Available at Amazon.


Take A Chance. Book four with Cole McGuire and Rene Buchanan. Available at Amazon.

Take a Chance

Deserve A Chance. Book five with Zach Monroe and Amber Deacon. (coming soon)

Deserve A Chance

Last Chance. Book six with Trevor Miles and Riley Hamilton. (coming soon)

Another Chance. Book seven with Matt Winters and Dena Olson. (coming soon)

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