The Road Series

Now that I’ve got two series published, I thought I’d do a post with all the titles and characters in one place.

My first series consisted of four books that can be purchased on Amazon. 

These books can be read as a stand alone, but are more fun read as a series.

Book One

Road To Recovery – Lucas Mathews and Brooke Malone


Book Two

Road To Redemption – Jack Reynolds and Cori Summers


Book Three

Road to Reality – Mac Malone and Beth Campbell


Book Four

Road To Reason – Ryan Mathews and Kaitlyn Harper


Out of this series comes another series, the All Series. In Road to Reality you meet a few of the Harper brothers. Their sister Kaitlin is the heroine in Road to Reason. I loved the Harper brothers so much I had to give them their own series, along with a few of their friends.

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