Fun and Pre-orders! @NatalieAnn121 #mgtab

As many of you know I entered Fierce-Brody into the Kindle Scout program last month. Although I got a lot of great and complimentary feedback, it wasn’t selected for a publishing contract. It is however, up for pre-order right now!!


A little over 3 years ago I published my first book. Road to Recovery. It was the start of a 4 book series, called the Road Series centered around the Mathews’ Clan. By the way it’s a permafree book so download a copy and check it out!

By time I got to the 4th book, Road to Reason, I started to love my supporting characters so much, that I formulated a spin off series called the All Series that would focus on the Harper Clan.

The best way to blend these two series was to have one Mathews and one Harper…fall in love. So in Road to Reason, playboy Ryan Mathews meets his match with Kaitlin Harper. Not only does she give him a run for his money, but he has to deal with her 3 older brothers! Fast forward 3 years and I decided to put together a novella on how the Mathews’ and the Harper’s actually met way back in the day…starting with their parents.

All for Love- Road to Romance is just 99 cents.

All for Love is in included in a new Sweet and Sassy Valentine boxed set that is available for pre-order on Amazon now. Just 99 cents! 12 authors! 12 stories of love and romance!

SSVboxLGtransparent (1)

Also, Road to Redemption will be included in another boxed set called A Valentine She’ll Remember that is available for pre-order too. Just 99 cents!

Valentine Collection

It still amazes me that in 3 years’ time I’ve published 3 series, totaling 16 books. And I’ve got 2 other series that will be published in 2018.

So that old saying of ‘time flies when you’re having fun’ can definitely ring true for me. Because right now, I’m having a blast! Bring on 2018!

You can follow along with what I’m doing here:







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