Character Flaws…

I’ve received the most comments about Cori Summers, the heroine in Road to Redemption.

Cori has been one of my favorite characters to write. She is someone who you either love, or annoys the heck out of you. I get that and wrote her exactly that way. She is all about happiness, almost pesky-like, annoyingly so. And when people tell me she sort of gets on their nerves with her energy and enthusiasm in life, then I know I wrote her well!

I wanted her to be like that. She’s a sweetheart underneath all that hyper activity. She has a heart of gold—or maybe it’s made out of chocolate and caffeine. She is the complete opposite of Brooke in Road to Recovery, which helps bring Brooke out of her shell. And she is exactly what Jack needs in his life. In another words, she is his perfect match.

So you see, even though some people thought Cori had a few character flaws, there were just as many who thought she was a riot and bought the second book just to read her story.

To this day, I still love writing her. She makes an appearance in all the books going forward, but just brief glimpses. Of all my characters, she is the one I see the strongest in my mind and find writing about the most enjoyable.

One word to describe Cori…FUN. She is all about fun. To read, and to write.

As always, if you’d like to be considered as an ARC Reader, check out this post for the requirements.

2 thoughts on “Character Flaws…

    • Awwwww thanks! No complaints really, more like comments. They love her or hate her, but that’s good, right? Not all characters are meant to be perfect and loved by everyone. I’m glad you like her though. Like I said, she is one of my favorites. She makes me giggle! And I love each time she shows up in the other books as well.


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