Two Years Ago

Two years ago this month my first book Road to Recovery was published. You can read about my excitement (and nervousness) here.

Rather than bore you with all the comings and goings of the last two years, I’m going to summarize how I did.

I’ve published 11 books within 3 different series!

The Road Series is 4 books.

The All Series is 6 books.

The Lake Placid Series had it first book published today! Second Chance.

I’ve sold over 12,000 copies, had over 137,000 free downloads and 37,000 books borrowed through Kindle Unlimited.

That’s not Best Seller numbers, but it’s pretty great in my eyes.

The bulk of my income has come from Kindle Unlimited. Now many authors are experiencing issues with the way book pages are being counting by Amazon and in November and December we are seeing significantly lower numbers. Fingers crossed their algorithm gets adjusted or corrected soon, but in the meantime, I’m thrilled with how the last two years have gone.

Here’s to the next two years, and with any luck, maybe I’ll hit the Best Seller list with one of my books!!

Where Am I Now?

The last book in the All Series is scheduled to be released on September 20, 2016. All About You is available on Amazon now.

It’s been hard to say goodbye to the All Series.  You can read more about why the All Series has meant so much to me in this blog post.

But like anything in life…it is time to move on. And I have, and I love where I am right now. Where’s that place? Lake Placid, New York.

My first book in the series, called Second Chance, is heading to the editor’s on September 1, 2016. I’ll have it up for pre-order soon, with a release date of mid-December.

That story between Nick Buchanan and Mallory Denning is one that I’ve had playing around in my head since long before the All Series was even a glimmer of a thought. But I held off writing it and I’m glad I did, because it turned out even better than I could have imagined.

On top of that, I’m currently editing my manuscript for the second book in the series, Give Me A Chance. Yep, I’m cruising right now! I’ve got all these ideas in my head for the third book, but there are only so many hours in a day.

For now though, I’m going to give you a sneak peek at the cover of Second Chance. Isn’t it so eye-catching? I just love the Fall!

Second Chance

Music…All About You

As always, I listen to one song pretty much nonstop while writing a book. I Can Love You Like That by John Michael Montgomery is the perfect song for both Olivia and Finn’s point of view!

Here’s a recap of the other songs

For All or Nothing, I listened to this song.

For All of Me, I listened to this song.

For All The Way, I listened to this song.

For  All I Want, I listened to this song.

For All My Love, I listed to this song.

You can read more about All About You here. Or a little excerpt here. Enjoy the song and the book which is on sale now!

Excerpt from All About You!

There were so many parts of this book I wanted to post an excerpt from, but finally decided on this one. It’s from the chapter called Dangerous.

Hope you enjoy a taste of Finn and Olivia. All About You can be bought here on pre-order now with a release date of September 20, 2016.

“So, would this could be considered our second date then?” Olivia asked a few days later.

“If we say that, then the first date kind of makes me a piss poor excuse of a man. Eating lunch at your work station was a pretty sad first date.”

He wanted to do better by her. Even sitting in the pub right now wasn’t that wonderful, but it was the best he felt he could do right now.

He liked her idea about a lunch date. Start slow. No worries, no stress, and no babysitters for him. No having to explain to anyone why he needed a babysitter either.

“Why? Do you think I’m so shallow that I can’t appreciate lunch with good company outside of a fancy restaurant?”

“I didn’t mean it that way.” And now he felt shallow himself assuming that, or making her feel that way. “I just meant that though it’s been a long time since I’ve been on an actual date, I still can figure out how to handle one.”

“A long time, you say?” She lifted her eyebrow at him, smirking slightly.

He brought it up, might as well lead in with it. They were on the clock, so there was only so much they could talk about. He wouldn’t be able to go into depth, not that he would even consider it.

“Hard to get a sitter.” She hesitated for a moment—he couldn’t miss it, not with her opening her mouth and closing it. “Go ahead, ask.”

“I’m assuming you’re a single parent. You mentioned you weren’t married and didn’t have a girlfriend, so…divorced?”

“Would it matter if I was?”

“Not at all. Just curious.”

He believed her, believed there wasn’t much more than that. “Trey’s mother decided motherhood wasn’t for her and took off shortly after he was born.”

“Oh.” She looked sad for a moment and the last thing he wanted was pity. He’d seen and felt enough of that in the last four years. “I know a bit about that, you could say.”

Somehow, he doubted that. “How’s that?”

“I haven’t seen my father face to face in close to fifteen years. Maybe longer. He doesn’t talk to me, not unless it’s through his assistant. He’s in the picture, but not really. Just a name to me, not even a voice or a face at this point. Checkbooks don’t mean a whole lot to me.”

“It’s not really the same thing.”

“No, you’re right. I still had my mother, kind of. When she wasn’t jet setting around the globe looking for her next conquest, the next man to help her get through her broken heart. And trust me, I’m ruining this date, so let’s change the subject. I’m sorry you’re on your own, but from what I can see Trey comes first to you and that’s the way it should be.”

Not what he expected at all. Not after listening to the brief description of her parents and her relationship with them. Maybe that was all the more reason he expected her to want to be put first.

“It is that way. Trey has to come first.”

She nodded. “Let’s move on to something a bit lighter, but I’ll tell you that I’m okay with that. With Trey coming first, I mean. I wish I had a father figure like that with me as a child, so I wouldn’t begrudge it of someone else. So how did you end up working two completely different jobs, pretty much full time each?”

He was relieved she changed the subject. He wasn’t ready to talk about his past with Trey or Trey’s mother. It wasn’t a subject he talked about often, and no one really knew everything. Pride had kept him from voicing the things that happened after Becca left.

“It just sort of fell in place that way.”

“Why firefighting? It’s pretty dangerous. Are you someone that likes the thrill of that? Living on the edge?”

“There’s no thrill rushing into a burning fire. Not like you’re thinking. It’s not for enjoyment, I can tell you that much.” He knew Becca was turned on by his job, by the risk factor of it, and it had always bothered him deep down.

“What is it, then?”

He shrugged, not used to talking about it.

“I guess you could say ever since I saw that big red firetruck in kindergarten, I was hooked. Bright red and shiny, the lights flashing, the sirens. What’s not to love to a five-year-old boy?”

She laughed softly. “Ah, big red firetruck. That’s all it took, huh?”

“Pretty much.”

“What about the woodworking?”

“My grandfather was a cabinetmaker and he passed his love of woodworking on to me. It stuck and was a good hobby that turned into something more.”

“How long have you been at Harper’s?”

“Just a few years.”

He’d been on his own, picking and choosing his own jobs, but when Trey came along and he alone was responsible for him, it was too much to juggle everything. The stability of Harper’s and them deciding the jobs and times was what he needed in his life. They worked around his schedule easily.

“So how did you end up there? I’ve heard Phil talking to Sophia. It’s not easy to get hired at Harper’s. You must have been pretty good.”

“I am pretty good. And yes, it’s not easy. I’d done a few custom wood pieces for Alec personally on his flips, and it just evolved from there.”

He paused while their lunches were set in front of them and watched as she picked up her napkin and placed it in her lap, looking like the lady of the manor getting ready to pick up her burger and bite in.

“You know, you aren’t like any other woman I know.”

She finished chewing, wiped her lip and said, “I would like to think I’m not. Then again, maybe you mean that in a negative way. So why am I different?”

“Not negative, no. We’ve spent the entire time talking about me for the most part, nothing about you.”

“Ah, the shallow misconception again?”

She was laughing at him, he saw, even though she took a huge bite of her burger and continued to chew. It was the twinkle in her eye, shining so lively at the moment. He fought to keep the embarrassment from creeping up his neck and almost succeeded until she winked at him.

“I’ve been put in my place,” he had the grace to say.

“Have you? Somehow I don’t picture you as someone who gets put in his place often.”

“Misconceptions,” he told her.

“Points for you. So let’s say we both have them concerning each other. Okay, ask away, what do you want to know?”

“Why jewelry?” It was a safe enough question. “I figured you could do anything you want, or nothing at all and still live comfortably.”

“Yes to both assumptions. But I like shiny things. Kind of like you, only my likes are smaller than big red firetrucks.” He grinned at her, he couldn’t help it. “Anyway, I like to draw, too. But I got sick of having pieces of jewelry like everyone else had. I wanted different, unique. What better way to get them than to make them myself?”

“Different and unique, just like you.”

“You could say that.”

“And yet you never wear your pieces.”

“You’ve noticed.”

“I’ve noticed a lot about you.”

“You know, Finn, you’ve got a smoothness to you.”

“You’re the first to ever say so.” Seriously, no one had ever said he was smooth. Must be she brought it out in him.

“I’ll take that as a compliment. As to why I don’t wear much jewelry, well, that’s easy. It gets in the way when I’m working, and that is really the only environment you’ve seen me in.”

“Don’t forget the playground.”

“Jewelry and toddlers at the park don’t go hand in hand either.”

“So if I take you on a real date, you’ll let me see more of your designs?”

“You mean this isn’t a real date?” She fluttered her eyelashes at him. “I’m hurt. Here I was all proud of myself with the suggestion.”

She was dangerous, no doubt about it. Every time he thought he had a handle on her, she did or said something that threw him off track.

“It was a good suggestion,” he said trying to make her feel better.

“Well then, whenever you think you want to try for a real date, I’ll make sure I give you something to look at.”

Yep, dangerous. Really, really dangerous.


What’s In A Title

Authors (or publishers) chose a title with a different meaning in mind. There’s no right or wrong way. Sometimes the titles have a special meaning behind the meat of the story. Other times the title is a word(s) or phrase said in the book. Maybe it’s a series and each title is the name of a character. Or maybe the title just sounds cool, so hey, why not, right? To each their own.

But I’m going to tell you how I came up with the titles to the two series I’ve published so far. Starting with the Road Series.

Road to Recovery. It is all about Brooke’s road to recovery, both physically and emotionally.

Road to Redemption. Jack is trying to redeem himself after the death of his wife.

Road to Reality. Beth realizes that there is a reality out there that doesn’t focus on her hard life.

Road to Reason. Ryan has a reason for who he is and why he behaves the way he does.

Moving onto the All Series. With this series, the title focuses on words said by a main character.

All Or Nothing. Ben’s internal thoughts…Love was never enough on its own, it had to be all or nothing.

All Of Me. Sophia’s words. “I want someone who wants all of me, for me. Not just my name, or my job, my looks, my brains or my connections. Just me, all of me, for me and for no other reason.”

All The Way. Alec’s words. “I never thought I’d find the woman I would be willing to go all the way and back for. The one that would center me, or ground me like you do. I’m ready to plant my feet down in one spot now. I’m ready to do it here, on this land, in a house you and I design and build together. A strong foundation. We know each house needs one. We’ve got that together.”

All I Want. Carly’s words. “I’m simple at the heart of things. I want a simple life with a man and a family. All I want—no all I need—is someone to love me. I don’t need big houses, or grand parties and huge gifts, I just need you.”

All My Love. Drew’s words. “You have me. All my love is all you need.”

All About You. Olivia’s words. “It’s not all about you, or me or even Trey. It’s about all of us. I’ll do whatever it takes to keep it that way.”

So there you go. Stay tuned to see what I’m doing for my new Lake Placid Series…

All About You

All about You(1)

Finn Abraham was only burned once, but once was enough. Now he’s living his life his way. A single father, a fireman and a carpenter, he’s juggling his time the best he can and putting his son first—the way it should be. The last thing he has time for is a woman or a relationship.

Olivia Hartman was raised in wealth…not that it really mattered to her. All she wanted was someone to love her, someone to pay attention to her, or someone to even care. Instead, she spent most of her time in boarding school. Now as an adult, she is sick of looking for love in all the wrong places and being misjudged and labeled. She’s taking charge of her life and deciding it’s time she does it on her own. On her terms…regardless of how scared she is.

Super Excited!

Hi, it’s me again! I know, I haven’t been an active blogger. When I do post it’s more quick excerpts to future books or song choices.

There’s a reason for that though. I’ve been busy writing. That’s a good thing! A great thing! A super exciting thing!

In a little less than a month, All My Love will be released. You can pre-order now if you want. Or you can contact me to be an ARC Reader and receive a free copy in exchange for a review. You can read more about that here.

Aside from that, All About You will be going to the editor’s on June 1, 2016! More to come on that book soon! Just know the heroine is Olivia Hartman (half sister to Sophia Mansfield-Harper) and Finn Abraham—a sexy fireman who also works for Harper Construction. Oh, did I mention Finn is a single father to an adorably shy four-year old named Trey?

And last, but definitely not least. I just completed the rough draft to the first book in my new series. That series will be based in and around Lake Placid, NY. The name of the book is called Second Chance. My hope is this book will be released toward the end of this year!

So as you can see, there is a reason for all of my craziness. Lots going on. Lots to plan for, and lots to be super excited about!

Stay tuned for more. Until then, happy reading!

Excerpt… All My Love

Here is an excerpt from All My Love. It’s from the chapter titled First Time. Hope you enjoy Drew and Jordyn’s story!


“So here is my place. Or I should say my space.” He looked around quickly and tried to see it out of her eyes. It was a pretty big place for a basement suite.

“This is bigger than my first apartment was.”

“It suits me. I tend to go upstairs and hang out with my father at night and watch TV, but it gives me my own space too. We both need it.”

“I didn’t realize you had a full kitchen down here. It’s just small.”

He looked over at the full-sized fridge, even though it was on the smaller end, and the small stove and sink with an island to sit at. “The only thing I don’t have is a dishwasher, but there is space for one if someone wants to turn this into a rentable apartment when they sell it.”

She started snapping pictures, then walked into the living room and did the same. “Sit on the couch.”


“I want to take some pictures of you as if you lived here. Show how comfortable it is.” He shrugged and did as she asked, then watched her focus on him and take a few more pictures. “Can we go to your bedroom now?” Too bad she didn’t mean that the way he hoped. She seemed to realize the way she said it and promptly blushed. “For pictures,” she clarified.

“Sure.” He stood up and walked her over to the door and tried to take his mind off the fact she was standing in his bedroom and no one else was in the house. They’d stood in her bedroom alone already too. It was no big deal.

Only it was. He was starting to feel something stronger for her than just attraction, but that attraction was fierce and standing in here next to her was harder than he imagined it might be.

She walked around trying to ignore him, but he saw her movements were a bit forced. She snapped a bunch of pictures and in an effort to lighten things up he asked, “Want me to lie on the bed too?” The alarmed look that crossed her face made him pause. He wondered if she was a virgin and was trying to figure out what to do now, what to say. “Sorry, it was a joke.”

“No, it was funny.”

“Then why didn’t you laugh?”


He smiled. “I make you nervous.”

“I would have thought that was pretty obvious,” she mumbled.

“Then come here and I’ll help get rid of them.”

“How’s that?” she asked, dropping her camera to her side and walking over like he asked, hesitantly.

“I’m going to kiss you.”

“You think that’s going to get rid of my nerves? That might only make it worse,” she said, her voice squeaking.

Good to know. “One way to find out.”

He pulled her forward and laid his lips over hers. They were so soft and yielded so easily.

He felt the camera hit his back and realized she’d wrapped her arms around his neck. Even better. She opened her mouth under his and suddenly she became the aggressor. She sure didn’t kiss like a virgin, so now he was doubting his earlier thoughts.

Moments later she shifted back, her big eyes focused on his, and whispered, “Yeah, I’m still nervous, but you can kiss me again if you want, because that was really nice.”

Maybe her speaking her mind was a good thing. He yanked her forward and kissed her again like he never wanted to let go.

Music Continued…All My Love

If you’ve been following my blog, you know I like music, and when I find a song that I feel embodies the book I’m writing, I tend to listen to it over and over.

I’ve posted the other songs for the All Series.

For All or Nothing, I listened to this song.

For All of Me, I listened to this song.

For All The Way, I listened to this song.

For  All I Want, I listened to this song.

All My Love will be release on June 14, 2016, and though there is a song called that by Led Zepplin, it’s not the song I listened to while writing. Instead, my song of choice was Me and You by Kenny Chesney.

Have a listen and let me know what you think!




I’ve always told myself I would never treat or think of my characters any differently. I would never have favorites and I would give them all 100% of my devotion. After all, they’re like my family and everyone should be treated equally, right?

Well, I’d be lying to myself if I said I actually felt that way. The truth of the matter is, I do have some favorites. Some characters and stories that grip me more than others.

I’m currently reading over All About You before I send it to the editor’s in a few weeks. I’m not even into the second chapter and I can’t help but think this is by far my favorite story, and Finn is definitely one of my favorite heroes, if not number one on my list.

I know, I know, it’s like having children, one shouldn’t be loved more than the others, but I can’t help it. There’s just something about Finn that touches me. The hard working single father who tries so hard, and always puts his son first. And well, he’s a Fireman, so what’s not to love there?!

That being said, who are your favorite characters? Or your favorite story? Want to share?